My Stylish Solution To Swollen Pregnant Feet

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I had a pretty good run of being “symptom” free during my pregnancy. 33 weeks if you want to be technical, but who’s counting (besides me obviously)?

Well, all that ended last week. At the end of my work day last Wednesday I noticed that my shoes were pretty tight. I had worn a pair of classic Keds tennis shoes, so I problem-solved by taking out the laces. I chalked the puffy feet up to the 10 hour days spent on my feet chasing after my preschool students and figured they would go back to normal by the next day, but when I woke up…not so much. Where did all those little bones in my feet go? Please come back! PRETTY PLEASE?!

At this point I did what any pregnant woman running late for work with no shoes to wear might do: I cried. This has been happening increasingly often lately. It’s the hormones. I’m taking them back to the pregnancy store as we speak — and if you caught on to my Anchorman reference just then we should probably be friends — but I digress.

I knew I’d need to find shoes that would be comfortable and at least somewhat stylish to last me through my final weeks of pregnancy, but what would fit the bill?  I can’t wear open heel, or open toe, shoes at my work, which eliminates most clogs…even if I wanted to wear clogs. (Which I don’t.) It also eliminates flip flops, which I couldn’t wear anyway, since it’s winter and freezing cold.

My husband suggested that I just wear my running shoes for the next six weeks. Ummmm…definitely not. Husband, did you forget that I am also a freelance wardrobe stylist? Totally unacceptable. But, what option did I have? Things were looking bleak as the only shoes that I could squeeze my chubby sausage-like feet into at this point were my rain boots and one pair of boots that have always been too big on me (not anymore!).

Well, I did a bit of sleuthing and shopping this weekend and figured out the solution to my problem:  Minnetonka Moccasins. After reading some online reviews, I made a trip to Nordstrom’s and purchased them immediately and, so far, I have been quite pleased. They’re totally comfortable, but don’t look sloppy like other moccasins I’ve seen and it’s quite lucky for me that moccasins are quite of the moment (thank goodness!). They are casual, but cute and I already know I’m going to love wearing them even beyond pregnancy.

As far as sizing goes, I normally vary between a size 7 to an 8 with most of my shoes being a 7.5. In the store, I was tempted to go with a size 8, but the sales person told me that the soft suede would make them stretch quite a bit, so she’d recommend the 7.5. I was skeptical, but went with her suggestion. The first 5-10 minutes that I wore the shoes I thought there was no way they were going to be comfortable and that I should’ve gone with the 8, but after those first 10 minutes they started to stretch and fit wonderfully and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so. My feet have been swollen through the instep and I think these shoes are the perfect solution.


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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