Stylish Mamas in Their Natural Habits

Look how chic being a mommy can be?

One thing I always worried about before getting pregnant, and actually still worry about now that I am pregnant, is that once the baby comes I will completely lose myself.  You see…I’m a bit of a “girly” girl and I like pretty things.  I like wearing lipstick and braiding my hair and wearing heels and dresses and shiny things.  I like fashion and design and consider them to be a fun hobby.  I worry that  once this little baby is here I’ll just retire my lipsticks and never change out of yoga pants.  Yes, these things are frivolous and they don’t matter in the big scheme of things.  Yes, I know that I won’t care about those things nearly as much as I’ll care about my little girl.  But, that doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with being a stylish mommy.

And now, thanks to Kelly Stuart and Violet Gaynor, co-founders of the genius website The Glow, I have hope that being a stylish mommy really is possible.  It’s not all yoga pants and apple juice and boogers (although, I’m sure there’s plenty of that too).  The Glow is basically like The Selby – a sneak peek into the stylish homes and lives of others, but in this case it’s all about stylish moms.  While perusing The Glow you’ll be inspired by these fashionable women as they share “their styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor”.  And while I’m sure most people’s homes and wardrobes won’t come close to these women’s it’s still fun to be inspired and peek in on the stylized lives of others.

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  • Laura & Georgiana 1 of 6
    Laura & Georgiana
    Laura Garcia, a design consultant living in New York, shares her thoughts on traveling in the city with her daughter Georgiana: "The subway is by far the best way to travel around the city—I just leave the stroller at home and take the Bjorn. Cabs can be so unsafe, and you have to lug around a car seat. I just hope that by the time she's too heavy to carry on the subway, she'll be ready to walk."
  • Jeanann & Ruby 2 of 6
    Jeanann & Ruby
    Jeanann Williams, PR Director for True Religion, talks about avoiding meltdowns with her daughter Ruby: "Meltdowns are tricky, but definitely just a part of it all. It doesn't make them a terrible child or you a bad parent. Moms should remember that as we're getting stared down on a flight or in a restaurant when your child is screaming bloody murder. Ruby definitely still needs her naps, so to try and prevent meltdowns from happening, I make sure she gets them. I don't leave the house without a ‘bag of tricks' filled with her favorite things and snacks. Also my iphone, which is filled with apps for kids, is a great distraction."
  • Rayma & Chiara 3 of 6
    Rayma & Chiara
    Rayma Giangola, founder of Gogoluxe, speaks about the importance of organization in balancing life with her daughter Chiara: "It's hard to keep all her stuff organized, so I just recently got rid of all her old clothes and shoes that don't fit anymore. For me, staying organized and having a routine for the family helps."
  • Lynn & Sebastian 4 of 6
    Lynn & Sebastian
    Lynn Ban, a designer, on her unconventional taste in children's clothing for her son Sebastian: "At birthday parties, people tell me they can always spot him because he's the only kid all in black. It's actually really hard to find clothing for children in black so when I do find it, I'll buy multiples."
  • Ana & Luna 5 of 6
    Ana & Luna
    Ana Lerario-Geller, designer of Lerario Beatriz, shares her thoughts on baby-proofing for daughter Luna: "I don't want to baby proof my house, I just plan to teach her not to touch certain things. My mom said she never baby-proofed our house. We just learned what not to touch. If I go visit friends, their houses may not be baby-proofed so I want her to learn. If she just knows what 'no' means."
  • Lauren & Stella 6 of 6
    Lauren & Stella
    Lauren Moffatt, a designer, shares her trick for getting daughter Stella to wear the clothing she wants her to wear: "I try to put the things that I love for her to wear in easy reach. Without fail, this is the dress she grabs."


If you’d like to see more chic mommies in their natural habitat head over to The Glow and be prepared to be sucked in!

All photos by: {Kelly Stuart}

The Glow is Edited by: {Violet Gaynor}

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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