Summer vs. Winter Pregnancy

summer vs. winter pregnancy I gave birth to my son on a hot, humid, summer day in early August, 2009.

Everything that you hear about the misery of a summertime pregnancy is true.

It is, of course, terribly hot. For me, I also had horrific swelling of my feet and hands, and I generally felt as if I was on the verge of exploding whenever I was not directly in front of an air conditioner.

I can remember having vivid fantasies about letting my large, pregnant frame sink slowly into a pool filled with ice cubes.

This time around, I am due to give birth on December 26th, and while being too hot is not an issue, a winter pregnancy has its own challenges.

One thing that I really took for granted during my summer pregnancy was the availability of sandals. At this point, I would give anything to be able to simply slip on a pair of sandals before I head out, because bending over to put on socks and shoes has become a pretty rough task. Embarrassingly rough.

I’ve been trying to train my 2-year-old to help, but he’s just not getting the hang of it!

I am also starting to have some anxiety about the potential of bad weather on the day I go into labor. My birthday is on December 13th, and I can distinctly remember several birthday parties that were called off due to ice storms or blizzards when I was growing up.

I have more than an hour drive to my hospital, and knowing that poor driving conditions are completely within the realm of possibility during December, I’m just a little concerned.

It is also going to be strange to bring a newborn home from the hospital during the cold months. When I had my son, we were able to take him outside almost immediately, and I think he really benefited from fresh air and a little sunshine during those first months.

It will be so cold when I have this baby, that the vitamin D gained from window-light will be the best we can do.

In your experience, do you prefer a summer, or winter pregnancy?

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