Superstitious Pregnancy

I bought the very first baby related item for my now four year old son when I was just eleven and a half weeks pregnant. It was a little onesie that had a red partially filled progress bar on it and text that read, “Shh…I’m downloading”. A month prior to that my mother had purchased a tie-dyed onesie with matching socks at a street fair that we attend annually. Before I had even hit the twelve week mark with my first pregnancy I had tiny baby clothes hanging in the closet.

This time it has been completely different.

This time I have been terrified to buy anything. I have been so afraid that purchasing things for this baby would somehow make this pregnancy go wrong. I guess having two miscarriages in a year will do that to a person.

I know it is an irrational fear but one that I’ve been pretty adamant about sticking to. I just could not bring myself to buy anything.

Until today.

I’m now just over 30 weeks pregnant and I finally bought my first baby related item of this pregnancy. I feel like I’m in the home stretch now and it will be all be okay. I have come to a point where I feel like I can buy stuff for this baby and I won’t somehow jinx the pregnancy.

I know that is completely ridiculous but it is my reality. And now I’m faced with preparing myself for a newborn in just under ten weeks. Yikes!

When did you start buying for baby?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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