Surfer Mom: 9 Months Pregnant and Riding the Waves (VIDEO)

I’ve been pretty clear with the people of Earth about the fact that my pregnant wife turns me on.

There is just something irresistibly charming, and hot, about a pretty lady who is also expecting. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have developed a wee innocent crush on a lady I will probably never meet in this lifetime. (Although, come to think of it, that’s never stopped me before).

See, according to a piece over on parentdish, a young Australian mom-to-be named Kristina Olivares has been surfing four days a week right through her ninth month of pregnancy. Olivares, an avid surfer, knew from the moment she got the great news that she was going to be a mom, that she wasn’t going to let pregnancy interfere with her number one passion.

And she did it because she believes that “pregnancy is not an illness,” and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with expectant mothers keeping really active during their entire nine month stint.

Now, I don’t know the ins and outs of how much activity is too much activity to a woman with a baby in her belly, but I’ll bet my last beer that Olivare’s son, who she gave birth to five months ago, is a wildly healthy kid who will grow up wanting to be active and outdoors just like his mommy. And who will actually probably do just that.

Anyway, check out this incredibly cool and inspiring video diary of a surfing mom’s journey through nine months of pregnancy riding the waves.

Then tell me you don’t have a little crush on her yourself.


Check out Kristina Olivares’ blog, SheSurfs.

Image: Koko Surf/Vimeo

Info: parentdish,

Video: YouTube/Kristen Olivares


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