"Surprise, You're Pregnant!" Women's Stories


Recently, I’ve had a lot of friends tell me “Surprise!  I’m pregnant.”  As in, it was a surprise to them, lol.  Actually that’s happened several times over the last year, and most commonly to women expecting their third babies (among my friends anyway).  They were all ultimately very excited and happy, of course!  But wow…what a surprise!

So I asked some women to tell me their stories, of when they found out “Surprise, you’re pregnant!”

“13 months after the birth of our 2nd child, who was conceived after 2yrs of infertility treatments (IUI), we learned we were pregnant! We didn’t think we could “do it” on our own! What a blessing!” –Stephanie

“I was unwed and lost my job just one hour before I found out I was pregnant! lol!” –Greta

“I peed on a pregnancy test because it was expiring and it felt like a waste to throw it away. *Surprise!* Pregnant!” — Jessica

“We tried for four years to get pregnant and the doctors didn’t know why. We knew that God is sovereign and if He wanted it to happen it would be His timing. But man it was a tough four years. 3 months after we relocated because of my husband’s job, there were indications that I needed to take a test. Praise the Lord, it was positive!” — Whitney

“I found out I was pregnant with #3 the same week we were putting in our application to adopt from Vietnam! Surprise!!!The kicker was that I had never conceived without fertility meds prior to that and my Army husband was only home for a 2 week break. Boom! Now we have 3 bio kids and are adopting a sibling group! :)” –Kryste

“I was a very faithful birth control user, missed my period so thought I better take a test… Test was positive! Went to midwife, she ordered an ultrasound to date the pregnancy because I was measuring larger than I should… Went to ultrasound and there were TWINS!!!! BTW I was already 3 months prego when I took the test!!!” — Tracy

“I found out we got pregnant with #3 TWO weeks after my hubby got home from deployment. The actual test was taken when I was 12 weeks along, because out other two were also fertility babies, and on top of that, I was still exclusively breastfeeding #2 who was only 10 months old and still had not even gotten my cycle back yet. Hubby missed #2’s birth by 12 days, so it was special having him home for his first DAUGHTER’S birth! We took the test across the country on vacation in MN at his grandma’s farm, my father-in-law bought me the test on a whim. Everyone thought I was pregnant but me.” — Mary

“My best friend made me take a test. She had just found out that she was pregnant that day and she knew I was late. Two came in the box. I told her that I couldn’t be pregnant and I wasn’t going to take one. (My husband had had testicular cancer 3 years before and after the radiation and removal of one, we were told that he was most likely sterile.) She handed me the test and yelled for me to “Go pee on that stick!” Turned out that DH isn’t sterile after all. LOL My daughter is now 8 months old!” –Kristi

“[This happened] when I found out I was preggo with my eight-year-old. I had just intro’d solids to my 6 month old EBF son and had recently started the pill. Well, I noticed I had to pee alllll the time. And I thought, “darnit, I have a urinary tract infection.” I made an appointment with the GYN . The medical assistant doing intake asked if I could be pregnant. Since my period had never returned and I was on the pill, I most assuredly stated I was not pregnant and there was no way I could be pregnant. I clearly have a UTI. As a precaution, upon receiving a urine sample, they also ran a pregnancy test. The M/A comes back into the exam room looking at the lab results and begins to say “You right you’re n…” her cheery smile vanished and she excused herself.  She gets the nurse. Together, they huddle over my lab results while standing at the little counter in the exam room. Which was as far away from me as they could get. Finally, the nurse fetches the doctor and I can hear them whispering back and forth amongst themselves.  At this point I am becoming a bit alarmed. Worst-case scenarios going through my mind… it’s cancer… it’s an STD (when I get home someone will find himself murdered if so) they don’t know what it is but fear I may be dying….. pregnant never crossed my mind.   Eventually the Dr. turns to me and says, “Congratulations, you are pregnant.” I don’t quite process what he says and promptly respond with “No, I’m not.” He then looks at my chart as if for confirmation and assures me that I have no infection of any kind, I am simply pregnant. A friend had taken me to this appointment as hubby was at work, so when I leave I have the Welcome Packet for the maternity dept.  My husband asked if I need to go to the pharmacy to pick up myRX, so I hand him the packet. He looks at me and asks “who’s pregnant?”” –Kendra

“We had our first baby in February, and towards the end of summer I was frustrated that I wasn’t losing any baby weight. I noticed movement but just dismissed it as indigestion and whatnot. It didn’t go away so I took a pregnancy test just to make sure. I thought I couldn’t be very far along, but a sono proved I was FIVE months already! Just four months to prepare for another newborn. Our baby #2 was born the very next January, less than one year apart. Needless to say I learned that nursing DOES NOT prevent pregnancy 🙂 And now we are very blessed with number 5 due in August.” –Lori

“I decided to quit the pill cause it was making me crazy and my husband was leaving in a couple days for 2 months so I didn’t think it was anything to worry about. Well, wouldn’t ya know it, our “I’m gonna miss you tons” ahem, interaction, turned into a “here’s a little something to remember me by.” I’m so thankful for our little surprise now though!” — Jen

“I was on the pill for nearly ten years to control my crazy cycles and help with my super painful cramps. My husband and I dated for five years, and lived together for over a year of that time, before we got married. We had decided that we r…eally didn’t want kids, so I stayed on the pill. Three months after we got married, I got pregnant. Six months later, we love our little “oops” baby more than we ever though possible!” –Alison

Do you have a fun “surprise” story?

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Article Posted 8 years Ago

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