Surprising Answers to "Where Were You When You Took Your Pregnancy Test?"

Surprising Answers to "Where Were You When You Took Your Pregnancy Test?"When you ask someone where they took their pregnancy test, the obvious answer is “in the washroom”, right? Well, if you go beyond that question and wonder which washroom or where were you — you may be surprised by some of the answers you hear.

When my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child, I was doing a lot of basal body temping and I worked overnight somewhere. That morning when I took my temperature I was convinced I was pregnant. I didn’t want to wait until the next morning for the higher concentrated urine — so I took my test there at work (and it was positive!)

I asked some friends of mine and fellow Babble readers the question because I was sure I was not the only one who took a test outside of my own house. I posed the question on Facebook, “Where did you take your pregnancy test? (beyond “the bathroom” — were you at home? at work? at a bar? at a friends house?).”

Click through to read the surprising answers to the question “where were you when you took your pregnancy test”:

  • Walmart 1 of 15
    "Walmart! Bahaha!" - Bonnie
    Photo credit: Walmart Corporate/Flickr
  • McDonalds 2 of 15
    "I went with a friend who thought she was pregnant to buy the test. She was going to do it at home, but couldn't wait so we pulled into McDonalds and she POAS there!" - Jana
    Photo credit: Zigazou/Flickr
  • Tim Hortons 3 of 15
    Tim Hortons
    "I took at least 12 of them.....bathroom at work was my first one, then at home, then walmart, tim hortons" - Andrea
    Photo credit: richardhsu/Flickr
  • A Friend’s House 4 of 15
    A Friend's House
    "Both times a friends house!" - Lori
    Photo credit: jwthompson2/Flickr
  • Behind a Tree in the Woods 5 of 15
    Behind a Tree in the Woods
    "Drugstore bathroom for my first. Behind a tree in the woods for my second." - Deb
    Photo credit: scotbot/Flickr
  • Mall Washroom 6 of 15
    Mall Washroom
    "I took mine in a bathroom stall at the mall!" - Amber
    Photo credit: doortoriver/Flickr
  • At a Nascar Race 7 of 15
    At a Nascar Race
    "At a nascar race for my first! Lol" - Melissa
    Photo credit: charles_hudson/Flickr
  • At A Family Dinner 8 of 15
    At A Family Dinner
    "At a my in-laws...we were there for a family dinner and I could not wait any longer" - Sarah
    Photo credit: laenulfean/Flickr
  • At Tj-Maxx 9 of 15
    At Tj-Maxx
    "I was in the bathroom at TJMaxx. I needed to know if I was pregnant so I knew whether or not to buy new pants" - Jodi
    Photo credit: daysofthundr46/Flickr
  • In A Hotel Room 10 of 15
    In A Hotel Room
    "One was at was in hotel room " - Erika
    Photo credit: adspackman/Flickr
  • At Target 11 of 15
    At Target
    "I took one in the Target bathroom once, because I was too anxious to wait until I got home." - Beth
    Photo credit: jreed/Flickr
  • At Church 12 of 15
    At Church
    "At Church and I told the Pastor's wife first.. LOL She saw me crying I was in SHOCK!" - Dana
    Photo credit: franklin_hunting/Flickr
  • The Office Washroom 13 of 15
    The Office Washroom
    "I took mine in the ladies room at my office building. I had planned to go to the doctor to do it but he was late getting there so I bought a test and took it." - Lora
    Photo credit: lenifuzhead/Flickr
  • At a Restaurant 14 of 15
    At a Restaurant
    "In a resturant while having dinner with my hubby" - Melody
    Photo credit: taraangkor hotel/Flickr
  • The Doctor’s Office 15 of 15
    The Doctor's Office
    "Home for one and two, doctor's office for third." - Amber
    Photo credit: sbconsci/Flickr

Photo credit: iStockPhoto

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