Surrogate Mother Addicted to Pregnancy

For many women who cannot have children, a surrogate mother is a huge blessing to them. These women take time in their lives to give other families the greatest gift of all; a child. Some families have other families members that are willing to carry the child for them, while others take time to find the perfect person to carry their child, even if that person is a stranger. It’s an important decision on who you would like to carry your child. But would you choose a surrogate that was addicted to pregnancy?

Jill Hawkins, a 47 year-old woman from England, is due to give birth to twins, her ninth and tenth surrogate children, in August. After having complications with her eighth surrogate child, she told herself and her family that she would never get pregnant again, however her urge to carry another child for a family took over, she gave in. Her last pregnancy had her nauseous and extremely tired most of the pregnancy, which led to being confined to a bed for long periods of time. Unfortunately she is beginning to feel the same with this pregnancy, including what she calls a “permanent pain” in her head.

Although all tests and ultrasounds show that the babies are healthy, I can’t help but think that this woman needs to start putting her health above others before even considering to carry anymore children. The scary part to me is that she wants to have at least two more children before her 50th birthday.

Hawkins, who has no children of her own and lives by herself with her two cats, told the Daily Mail that she’s never desired to have children of her own. “‘I never want to keep them. I am not maternal and very selfish. Not many woman can give babies away. It’s very emotional giving birth.”

Carrying all of these children hasn’t come without a cost to Hawkin’s personal life. When she became pregnant with her first surrogate child, she lied to her bosses and created a fake boyfriend who was the “father of the child.” She later told them that the baby had passed, which resulted in flowers and sympathy cards from co-workers. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with depression and even tried to commit suicide. She’s given up on looking for love because she would rather be a surrogate instead.

All of these events that have occurred in Hawkins life have me thinking that she might be continuing to have children as a fulfillment to try to hide some pain that she’s been suffering. As someone who has suffered depression from early in life, there are many things that we will do to try to hide the pain.

It is such a wonderful gift that she is giving these families, but she really needs to know when enough is enough. I don’t think that I would feel comfortable choosing her as a surrogate for my child because of her health issues as well as the mental issues she has suffered from before. I can only hope that she is honest to the families that choose her to carry their children.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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