Surveillance Camera Catches Women Giving Birth In Hospital Lobby (Video)

birthA woman delivered her baby in a Miami hospital, but it wasn’t where you would expect.

According to Yahoo! Shine, Susana Privada made it all the way to the hospital but didn’t make it past the front desk. She ended up delivering her baby girl on the lobby floor at around 7am. The hospital’s surveillance camera caught the whole thing.

You can see her slumping against the desk, telling them she’s in labor. Later she explained that she was asking for a wheelchair but almost immediately felt the baby coming out. Privada lay down on the floor as her husband tried to help when Libardo Lozano, a surgical nurse, arrived for his shift. Within minutes the baby is born. Lozano unwrapped the umbilical cord from around the little girl’s neck, cleaned her mouth and eyes and said he was so relieved when she started to cry.

As a surgical nurse Lozano has never experience a childbirth. “I never encountered [something like this] in my life, delivering a baby [with] my own hands.”

The baby girl, Dayana, and her mother are doing just fine. And probably saved a ton in hospital bills! Check out video of the birth below.

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