SURVEY: What Did You Least Expect When You Were Expecting?

Who knew?

My type-A personality can get the best of me sometimes. I’ve definitely relaxed a bit over the years and my need to plan, organize, and have all the little duckies in a row certainly has less of a hold on my life. But since my wife and I started this journey to motherhood, I feel some old rumblings deep down of needing to know, know, know just how everything is going to turn out. Trust me, I know how ridiculous that is; surely, it’s impossible to know anything for certain when so many variables are in place. I’ve never been good with surprises and want to keep my eye out for the unexpected, especially when it comes to pregnancy and all the beautiful (that’s what I keep telling myself) things that go along with it. So I need your help!

I wanted to know what women didn’t expect when they were expecting what caught them by surprise and I found some pretty odd pregnancy symptoms I hadn’t ever heard of before. But what about YOU? What threw you for the biggest loop during your pregnancy and left you wondering, “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?”

  • Irritated, dry eyes with blurred vision? 1 of 9
    Irritated, dry eyes with blurred vision?
    Sure, we expect dark circles and heavy lids from being overtired after the baby is born. But some women say their eyes get painfully dry and irritated during pregnancy. Did yours?
    Photo: parrchristy
  • Aversion to your favorite foods? 2 of 9
    Aversion to your favorite foods?
    Wacky food cravings are common for pregnant women. The old "pickles with ice cream" cliche rings true for many expecting mothers. But how many of you stopped liking your favorite food while pregnant? Part of me can't wait to get pregnant just so I have an excuse to eat macaroni and cheese with reckless abandon. I think I might die if it suddenly becomes my enemy.
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  • CONSTIPATION? 3 of 9
    OK, c'mon now. We all know lots of women run to the bathroom in the morning to puke when they're pregnant, and often complain about nausea or heartburn. But who knew that many pregnant women suffer from constipation?
    Photo: KimCarpenter NJ
  • Mouth pain? 4 of 9
    Mouth pain?
    I didn't think I had to worry about this until the little one cuts her or his first tooth. But some women report swollen gums and toothaches during their pregnancies. How was your mouth?
    Photo: petesimon
  • Heightened sense of smell? 5 of 9
    Heightened sense of smell?
    Whether it's a delicious soup from scratch or the dirty subway, some pregnant women say their sniffer goes into overdrive during their pregnancies and that all smells are stronger. What about you? Did you have a Go-Go-Gadget nose?
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  • Extremely dry skin? 6 of 9
    Extremely dry skin?
    Even with their greatest efforts to remain hydrated and moisturized drinking tons of water and smearing gobs of lotion of their bodies lots of expecting moms say their skin was constantly dry. Did your skin turn into sandpaper when you were pregnant?
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  • Your belly as public property? 7 of 9
    Your belly as public property?
    Pregnant women are a marvel. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful sights in the world. But it seems a large majority of the population forgets that a pregnant belly is actually part of another person, and they think it's totally OK to touch a pregnant woman's stomach even if they don't know her. Any ladies out there been shocked by complete strangers touching your pregnant belly?
    Photo: spaceodissey
  • An itchy head? 8 of 9
    An itchy head?
    Dry skin, dry eyes, and an itchy scalp?? Oy vey! Did you feel like you had fleas when you were pregnant?
    Photo: Evil Erin
  • Yet, it’s all totally worth it… Right? 9 of 9
    Yet, it's all totally worth it... Right?
    The well-known and not-so-well-known symptoms of pregnancy all sound downright awful, but from what I hear, the end result is worth it all. Yes, ladies?
    Now, tell me: What was your most unexpected pregnancy symptom?
    Photo: MGD_photography

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