Survival of the Fittest…My Top 11 Pregnancy Must-Haves

The Whims of Pregnancy

In the final stretch over here and boy do I ache. Woe-is-me, right? Baby, I can’t wait to meet you, and body – I can’t wait till you are mine again! Don’t get me wrong, there are so many wonderful things about being pregnant. (Honest). Like the feeling of my growing baby inside of me, responsive movement to when we read stories to our boy, or when we sing songs. Having a belly. Once it gets round, for all it’s due aches and pains – it’s cute. Some might even say sexy.

For any of us who are pregnant or have been pregnant, we can honestly say – that it has it’s ups and downs! No matter how glowing we are. This is my personal and therefore completely subjective list of absolute must-have’s to make it throughout those 40-some weeks. From caving into cravings, to soothing the body and soul, to anything that helps sleeping and ludicrous amounts of trips to the bathroom somehow manageable.


  • Laptop Table 1 of 11
    Laptop Table
    Used to house my laptop, water, food - whatever I need to keep comfortable and work hard for the money. I have a feeling this is going to come in handy during the postpartum period as well.
  • Maternity Leggings 2 of 11
    Maternity Leggings
    Now that we're into summer, obviously the light-knit cropped ones get worn in abundance, but I still have a few full-legged ones for cooler evenings. Perfect for underneath all of those summer dresses, especially when running around after a toddler, keeps my goods from being on display. I also dig the fold under or pull over the belly, super thin and stretchy mesh waist. Sometimes it's way too hot, other times, you want some smoothing action.
  • Miss Vickie’s Chips Original Recipe 3 of 11
    Miss Vickie's Chips Original Recipe
    Bring it. Need it. Have to have it. Salty, crunchy, starchy goodness in all of it's fat laden glory.
  • Part-Time Daycare 4 of 11
    Part-Time Daycare
    Is my saving grace. There is no way - no how, I could get the amount of work done on my plate if my sweet little man was at home with me full-time. Yowza.
  • PC Yogurt Smoothie Field Berry Bars 5 of 11
    PC Yogurt Smoothie Field Berry Bars
    I could make them myself, I have a blender and love to make my own smoothies. There's just something about these. Effortless and and so delicious. I don't care that they are from the low fat Blue Menu, these suckers are dang good and I eat an embarrassing amount of them.
  • Pillows 6 of 11
    Sleeping and movement in general is strained these last few weeks. I have a snoogle pillow from my last pregnancy and loved it. For some reason, with this one, no dice. It just won't do. I need at least 4 pillows, ranging in firmness and type (feather, memory foam) for between my legs, rolled up behind my back , head/neck and tummy. Getting up is a ridiculous chore, which makes going to the bathroom the 15+ times throughout the night oh-so-pleasant. If I'm exaggerating, it's not by much.
  • Prenatal Massage 7 of 11
    Prenatal Massage
    On the regular, both by way of massage therapy appointments and my partners kind hands. As often as I can get it. With sciatica slowly taking over my lover back, legs and buttski - it's pretty much the only source of relief I can get, aside from yoga. Which is close, but no cigar.
  • Shea Butter 8 of 11
    Shea Butter
    I lather on this goodness all the time...not just my belly. Everywhere. It worked wonders with my first pregnancy at keeping the stretch mark monster at bay. Also? It just feels and smells good.
  • Spinach 9 of 11
    I'm serious. Call me crazy, (it's been done only a trillion times before) but I put this green goodness in just about everything I can, seeing as how the nutrients are most beneficial to us anytime - but especially when growing little humans! A wee bit blended in fruit and yogurt smoothies, tossed into sauces, eggs, raw with salad - you name it, I do it. Makes up for the chocolate and chips, right? Right.
  • Vibrating Bed Chair 10 of 11
    Vibrating Bed Chair
    My mother-in-law-to be gave me this and I live by it. Swear by it. As a pregnant someone who works from home, at a laptop for 3/4 of the day, then switching to leaning over a sewing machine, or on all fours pinning fabric on the floor...uhm, yea. I work from bed pretty much on the steady, no shame.
  • Water 11 of 11
    I've always been a lover of this universal solvent. I have a big Brita filled at all times on the counter for room temperature drinking (chugging), and one in the fridge when I need cool refreshment.

So tell me. What’s makes up your pregnancy survival kit? What do you swear by, absolutely covet and can’t live without?

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