Switched At Birth, Not A Fictional Lifetime Movie

baby nursery Do you ever listen to the radio show This American Life? It’s story telling at it’s finest. Most of them cover everyday situations that are relatable, just told in a unique way. And then there are some that are so unbelievable, you feel compelled to repeat them to everyone you meet.

One show I listened to recently was that type of unbelievable. Maybe you heard it, it originally aired a few years ago but it’s one of those stories that when you hear it you think that the story teller is just reciting the plot to a Lifetime movie. It was called Switched at Birth and it’s just what the title suggests, a real life story of two babies switched at birth. But there’s a twist, one of the mothers suspected it all along but didn’t divulge the secret to the girls until 43 years later!

The births occurred in the early 1950’s at the same hospital in Wisconsin. As soon as one of the mothers, Mrs. Miller, brought her daughter home she suspected she had been given the wrong baby. She brought this concern up to her husband but he insisted that she was incorrect and to forget about it. She didn’t forget about it and even told other people throughout the years about her suspicion but never took any action to correct it until forty-three years later she confesses it in a letter to both of the girls.

Can you even imagine? Being either the grown women hearing this or the mother who knew she was raising the wrong child? The show does a good job interviewing the mothers and daughters and addressing all sides of the story. I especially liked the discussion of the girls personalities and how much they differed from their “siblings” even though they were raised in the same environment. I highly recommend it for a good afternoon listen.

image: Associated Press

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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