Take a Babymoon Before the Big Arrival

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Enjoy a BabyMoon Before Your Baby's Arrival

After marriage, most couples take a honeymoon. So why not take a babymoon before the baby?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon recently escaped for a few days to a resort for a babymoon before the baby arrives, enjoying some R &  R. Why don’t you and your partner do the same?

While you may not have the funds that Mariah and Nick have, taking a break and enjoying sometime with just you and your partner before a birth is a great way to reconnect before the chaos.  Don’t get me wrong, birth and baby are what we are after when it comes to pregnancy. But with that birth and baby comes CRAZY.

We are talking weeks to months of no sleep. A new person living in your house. New expenses. Recovery. Well, and your world is turned upside down and you are left figuring out how to make the upside down the normal. It’s all worth it in the end, but what that figuring out can do is frustrate a relationship. So take the time while the sky isn’t falling and enjoy each other. With your first child there is all the unknowns. With each child after, there are the unknowns PLUS still being a parent to your older child or children. Believe me, the focused time between you and your spouse is SO worth it!

With our first child, we spent the week before she was born enjoying date nights. We went to places we knew we wouldn’t be back to immediately and just enjoyed each other. On the way home from one is when labor kicked in!

With our second child, we didn’t make time for time without our first feeling that we needed to spend as much time with her as possible before becoming a big sister. Looking back, we needed that time alone – but lesson learned!

With our third child, my husband and I had three nights to ourselves. Take it, false labor was in full swing and one of those nights was spent in a hospital but the fact that it was just me and him helped us prepare for our little bundle of joy. The relief of stress of taking care of our other kids during the final days before birth helped us focus on one another, and the needs that those final days bring. While we were spending our few days at our home, not in a resort, resting and relaxing – our babymoon was perfect.

Now to find family time to take on three kids, instead of two – so we can babymoon again before we welcome our fourth child – wish us LUCK!

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