A Tale of Two Births: Video Promotes Benefits of Baby-Friendly Hospitals

When my children were born I was lucky to deliver in a hospital that was considered very ‘baby-friendly’. Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about that term (because how can a hospital not be nice to babies), but I get what the term is getting at. There was no nursery (other then the NICU) at the hospital so the baby never left my side — ever. There were nurses who were knowledgeable about breastfeeding and IBCLC’s on hand for when there were additional concerns with breastfeeding. You had to sign a waver if you wanted to bring in your own formula (the hospital only provided formula in cases of the NICU & a waver was signed) and supported birth coaches and support in the room. It was just as I wanted, but honestly I was naive and had no idea other hospitals did it differently — I thought this was just they way it was done.

I learned quickly that it was not the case for every mother and knew that when I had more children, since I have to deliver in the hospital, that I would go back to the same “baby-friendly hospital”. A (cheesy) video cosponsored by the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon and the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition was just released a few days ago that raps the benefits of a baby-friendly hospital. The tale of two births, the video and song takes us through what a birth may look like at a ‘baby-friendly hospital’ verses the other side.

Click through to watch the video of the Tale of Two Births:


Photo credit: screenshot from YouTube

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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