Talkin' Bout the Big V, and I Don't Mean my Vagina.

It feels like as soon as I tell anybody that I’m expecting my fourth child, the next sentence out of my mouth is, “but this is our last kid”.

Without a doubt, almost every time I discuss the future of my family with my best girlfriends, the word VASECTOMY is brought up. “Oh yes, he’s getting a vasectomy.”


I bet the word vasectomy comes out of my mouth daily. Since I’m due early January 2012, I’ve gone as far as telling my husband I’m getting him a vasectomy for Christmas. Funny, right?

I recently read an article here on babble about a woman that even though she was sure she was done having kids, suffered from major anxiety on the day of her husbands scheduled vasectomy.

Know what? I can totally see myself in her story. That panicked feeling you get right before something becomes final? A life changing moment that will forever close a chapter in your life? I don’t deal well with these moments with any sort of grace.

While I walk a pretty confident walk, I wonder if my need to stop having kids has been inadvertently placed on me by the judgmental society I live in. Right now, four kids feels like a good stopping point. But will I feel that way in a couple years? Who knows!

I guess for right now, my husband and I are not going to make any sharp (tee hee) decisions. And someday, when our family feels complete, he will go through with the “BIG V”. I can guarantee you with all my heart, it will be a day filled with anxiety and nerves, praying that we are making the right decision.

I would LOVE to hear what you think. How did you know for sure you were done having children? Was the decision a hard one to make?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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