Tea Party Candidate Thinks Women's Bodies Reject the Sperm of Rapists

[President Obama responds to Akin’s comments– an addendum to the original post added below.]

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin doesn’t think an abortion ban should have an exception for rape because in a real, “legitimate” rape the mom’s body will automatically reject the sperm and no baby will be conceived.

I you haven’t read about this already, check this out– it’s from an interview yesterday:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

So I guess if you get pregnant from rape, it wasn’t “legitimate”? Maybe you even secretly liked it. After all your egg liked the sperm, no?


A study by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, found that approximately 32,000 pregnancies result from rape every year– that means 5% of rape victims between 12-45 become pregnant. How horrible to think that for these 32,000 women, there’s some jack-ass out there– who may win a Senate seat this fall (!)– who thinks that the conception means consent. That their rapes were not “legitimate.”

Akin is running for Senate against incumbent Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, who tweeted:  “As a woman & former prosecutor who handled 100s of rape cases, I’m stunned by Rep Akin’s comments about victims this AM.”

People project narratives and biases onto our biology all the time– even the story of aggressive sperm and passive eggs is inaccurate– but this particular fiction is not just massively scientifically wrong but profoundly cruel to the pregnant victims of rape and women in general. It’s insane that we have to contend with this level of ignorance at this level of power.

PRESIDENT OBAMA RESPONDS–an addendum to the original post:

President Obama weighed in on Todd Akin’s (R-MO) comments during an impromptue press conference today saying, “The views expressed were offensive. Rape is rape. And the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people… So what I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians — a majority whom are men — making health care decisions on behalf of women… Those are broader issues and that is a significant difference and approach between me and the other party.” Nice.


Ceridwen Morris (CCE) is a childbirth educator and the co-author of the pregnancy and birth guide From The Hips. Follow her blogging on Facebook.

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