Teen Mom 2: Is Pregnancy Contagious?

While the first season of Teen Mom 2 is starting to wrap up, one of the regulars on the show, Megan Nelson the sidekick and frequent babysitter for teen mom Chelsea Houska has found herself expecting also.

While Megan is not 16 herself, she is still considered a teenager at 19 years old, reports all over the internet are asking questions about her pregnancy.

Did she get pregnant to star herself on MTV’s reality series focused on teen pregnancy and motherhood?

Is teen pregnancy contagious as her best friend Chelsea was a teen mom, and now a single teen mother?

Did she plan her pregnancy?

Will her boyfriend Cody stick around?

And most of all, what is she going to name the baby boy she is expecting?

E! Online suggested she get her own reality television show called 19 and Impressionable.

What do you think?
Do you think that friends of teen mothers are more likely to find themselves in the same situation as their peers, or more likely to stay clear of the struggles teen motherhood brings?

photo: megan nelson fanpage

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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