Teens Want Fame Through Pregnancy

Does being on television sound like fun?  Maybe $60,000 for a couple months of work? Enough to get pregnant as a teenager?

Some are now suggesting that young girls may go out of their way to get pregnant so they can audition for the hit MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Why not? It is just a baby right?

I have been following this show since the first season and one thing I have noticed is the abundance of young girls and boys who think parenthood is just going to be like playing house or a walk in the park. Once they actually give birth and start to take on midnight feedings, diapers, and going back to school, the tone changes.

One of my favorite writers here on Babble, John Cave Osborne, took on this topic in a Tuesday post on Strollerderby encouraging MTV to look into this trend and allegation. He said:

But to make celebrities out of young ladies who find themselves in the unenviable position of being pregnant teenagers? To glorify the role of teen mom by delivering such young ladies a platform which provides them fame and possibly, one day, even fortune, thus providing incentive for others to follow suit? It seems distasteful to me.

While I think these shows are truly trying to steer young women away from pregnancy and parenting at a young age, this is not going to be the message to all of the young teen girls who may have other underlying issues.

Do you think that MTV should look into this allegation?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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