Ten Reasons Why I Love Being Pregnant

I love being pregnant. I know what you’re thinking, “Good thing, Angela, because this number five for you!” and it’s true. I usually have relatively easy pregnancies, I feel good throughout and in general I love to be pregnant.

Maybe some of it is the attitude I choose to have. But some of it is that I truly am blessed to have healthy pregnancies and delightful home births. Here are ten reasons why I love being pregnant.

  • I have so much more energy 1 of 10
    I have so much more energy
    Especially in the second trimester. I get more done those three months, than I do the rest of the year. It's like a huge boost in productivity.
  • I can eat chocolate guilt-free. 2 of 10
    I can eat chocolate guilt-free.
    No one argues with a pregnant women who says the baby needs a chocolate milk shake. Especially in the last trimester.
  • People feed you. 3 of 10
    People feed you.
    It's true. They bring you food, ask if you want anything to eat, offer to let you snitch snacks off their plate. It's fabulous.
  • My children love it too. 4 of 10
    My children love it too.
    We talk about the baby, they ask questions about what they will be able to help with and when can they hold the baby. Their enthusiasm delights and excites me. This pregnancy is a direct product of my children's many prayers.
  • Baby name books. 5 of 10
    Baby name books.
    Enough said. I LOVE baby name books. I use the arrival of a new pet to break out the baby name books so you can imagine how much I enjoy this part of being pregnant.
  • Nesting. 6 of 10
    Nesting is a great excuse for finishing up those little projects you've been intending to get to. Finishing the bathroom walls, or finally setting up that bunk bed unit for the boys. All the things that are easy to put off suddenly become more urgent on your to-do list.
  • Better nutrition. 7 of 10
    Better nutrition.
    At least for me this is certainly true. I am always more careful about what I eat, and about taking my vitamins more consistently when I'm pregnant than at any other time.
  • No one else wins an argument. 8 of 10
    No one else wins an argument.
    Which brings me to this point - I win every argument in the last trimester of my pregnancies. Hormonal woman who outweighs most men? Yep not arguing with that!
  • The things you hear people say. 9 of 10
    The things you hear people say.
    People say dumb things and give you a chance to practice your witty comebacks. "Don't you know what causes that?" or, even more fun, third trimester, "You haven't had that kid yet?" quips just beg for some snark.
  • Communication with my spouse. 10 of 10
    Communication with my spouse.
    It's sounds corny, perhaps, but we really do have some amazing conversations during our pregnancies. Usually around current parenting practices, hopes for the future, etc. This is such a special time for us. Once when someone asked us about whether we would ever do a vow renewal or re-commitment ceremony, my husband answered, "I kind of feel like we recommit ourselves every time we have a new baby. It's a reaffirming of what we are capable of together." Enough said.

What is YOUR favorite part of being pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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