15 Ridiculously Bad Cakes Celebrating Pregnancy

I love the idea of celebrating pregnancy and I am all for making a big deal out of the really exciting time to come. Parties celebrating the annoucnement of pregnancy, celebrating the pregnancy at a baby shower and even a meet-and-greet party after the baby is born are all great reasons to celebrate.

At the centre of a lot of these parties, other then the mama-to-be you will typically see a cake. I have seen some gorgeous cakes that make my jaw drop at their realistic and beautiful qualities. Then, you come across cakes that just have me shaking my head wondering what they were thinking.

Click through to see 15 cakes celebrating pregnancy that just didn’t get it right.

  • Thanx 4 Knocking Me Up 1 of 15
    Thanx 4 Knocking Me Up
    A 'classy' cake to let your partner know the news
  • She’s Prego 2 of 15
    She's Prego
    Can't be much more clear then that ... I guess
  • Pregnant In a Thong 3 of 15
    Pregnant In a Thong
    The idea of cutting into this cake leaves me a bit off put
  • Look It’s Me 4 of 15
    Look It's Me
    A cake done poorly with a photograph of the woman's face...
  • Get Ready 5 of 15
    Get Ready
    Again, nothing creepy about this ::eye roll::
  • Celebrate Me 6 of 15
    Celebrate Me
    I think I have an even bigger problem with these body cakes with no head.
  • Boobs and Belly 7 of 15
    Boobs and Belly
    "I'll take a slice of the left breast please"
  • Ready To Pop 8 of 15
    Ready To Pop
  • Huh. What’s That? 9 of 15
    Huh. What's That?
    A could-have-been creative use of the 3D ultrasound but what's with the creepy bear?
  • Growing By Two Feet 10 of 15
    Growing By Two Feet
    This cake is a lot of pink and blue and very poorly done feet
  • It’s A Boy 11 of 15
    It's A Boy
    Another cake of a small breast-looking stomach and a bikini top - and missing arms?
  • Poking Through 12 of 15
    Poking Through
    This could be a really pretty dress cake but again, the idea of cutting into and eating a pregnant belly and breasts is just weird!
  • Good Bye Tummy 13 of 15
    Good Bye Tummy
    Not sure what to make of the message on this cake...
  • Hands and Feet 14 of 15
    Hands and Feet
    Having twins? Want this cake?
  • Is That a TV or Ultrasound? 15 of 15
    Is That a TV or Ultrasound?
    Again, a creative use of the 3D photo but it looks like a tv on her stomach.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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