That Time 2 Parents Abandoned Their Twins in Their Surrogate’s Womb

Parents Abandon Twins in Surrogate's Womb

I shared a post with you earlier this month called 7 Hard Truths of Trying to Conceive and IVF. In it I said that it becomes more and more difficult to hear stories of women flushing babies down toilets and tossing them in dumpsters. Well, folks, we’ve got another winner.

An article popped up earlier today in my Facebook newsfeed from that got my blood boiling.

As reports, a professional surrogate (she’s carried eight babies for numerous couples over the past 11 years) by the name of Susan Ring got the surprise of her lifetime. Susan was pregnant with a couple’s twins when at 14 weeks they decided they no longer wanted the babies. No longer wanted them, folks. At 14 weeks pregnant! With a surrogate!

How in the world do you decide after choosing to use a surrogate and conceiving twins that you no longer want those babies? How in the world do you decide after this surrogate has already given you your first-born son from a previous pregnancy to keep him from growing up with his siblings? Apparently, the couple decided to get a divorce instead, and they abandoned their fully biological twins in their surrogate’s womb.

These parents certainly aren’t winning any parent-of-the-year awards.

But you know who is? Susan Ring. The surrogate.

This amazing surrogate mother has decided to keep the twins and raise them as her own. As reports: “Unable to face the idea of putting both babies into social services, Ring made the incredible decision to take the children home herself. She named them, she cared for them. And when they were three months old, Ring was named their legal parent. In the process, she’s the first gestational carrier in California to ever be named as parent to non-biological children.”

Bravo to Susan Ring! And shame on the biological parents for being such losers.


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