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Another stunning first photo.

A few days ago I was offered a new gig writing for MomCrunch here on Babble.  The only catch:  I will no longer be writing here on Being Pregnant.

While I’m exciting to write for MomCrunch, I’m pretty sad to leave this section of Babble.  I really like it here.  I like writing about pregnancy and babies and all of you who read seem like such passionate, intelligent people so I hope you might follow me over to MomCrunch and keep the interactions going.  Or just come hang out on my personal blog, The Girl Who, on which I also write daily.

That said, I had a last batch of submissions for the That Very First Photo series I started here on Being Pregnant.  The series will now move over to Strollerderby, so come on over and check that out too!

In case you aren’t familiar, That Very First Photo are reader submitted photos of themselves the first time they met their babies after birth.  As I’ve said numerous times, there is just something about that expression on mom or dad’s face that is almost magical to behold.

This month I also started the dad edition of That Very First Photo and it turned out beautifully.  For this edition I decided to combine moms and dads and, as always, they are phenomenal.  There is a surprise first photo in here.  Two of them actually.  If these two photos of a dad first laying eyes on his baby son don’t reduce you to tears you are, quite possibly, not human.

Thanks everyone for all your submissions.  This was probably my favorite thing about Being Pregnant – seeing all your birth photos and hearing about all your adventures during childbirth.  As always, if you’d like to submit a photo of mom or dad meeting baby for the first time WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES (adoption, home from war, etc..) please email me at monicabielanko at yahoo dot com with the subject “First Photo” and a description of what’s taking place in the photo.

  • We Knew Each Other, We Just Hadn’t Seen Each Other In A While 1 of 9
    We Knew Each Other, We Just Hadn't Seen Each Other In A While
    This is Catherine first laying eyes on her beautiful daughter Emilia (love the name!) who was born almost one week ago! Catherine tells me "No amount of advice or imagining could've prepared me for this moment. I remember being surprised by her mop of dark hair, but mostly I was overwhelmed by the fact that it felt more like a reunion than an introduction. We knew each other- we just hadn't seen each other in a while."
  • I Worked Harder Thank I Have Ever Worked In My Life 2 of 9
    I Worked Harder Thank I Have Ever Worked In My Life
    My son was born via vacuum delivery after 30 hours of unmedicated labor (including 3.5 hours of unproductive pushing): he was stuck, sunny-side-up, and I delivered him in the OR with the C-section table and surgical team right next to me (in case the vacuum couldn't do the job, I would need an emergency, immediate C-section). Tension was high, but I worked harder than I have ever worked in my life, and my awesome doctor pulled him out after 3 suction attempts. We didn't know the gender (we wanted a surprise), so while the doctors and nurses crowded around to check his vitals and clean him up quickly, I yelled at my husband, "Hey! Is it a boy or a girl?" The pediatrician ordered that Owen go to the nursery to be monitored for any ill after-effects of the vacuum delivery, but I asked to hold him first, and, to my great surprise, they let me. My son wailed healthily on my chest and my husband took this picture of us together for the first time. He is 9 months old now and absolutely perfect, despite our rough start.
  • Soldier Dad Meets his son for the First Time. 3 of 9
    Soldier Dad Meets his son for the First Time.
    Oh my. I'm just going to let mom, Danielle, explain these. "These are the very first images of my husband holding our youngest, Logan, for the very first time. Logan was five months old, it was midnight and Daddy was fresh off of the bus from 7 months in Afghanistan. I cannot imagine the emotions that must have been going through my husband's mind as he marched up and waited in formation to meet this brand new part of his family. The pictures take my breath away. Even at a distance, my husband is THE best father and husband."
  • Close-Up 4 of 9
    This is another one of baby Logan meeting his dad for the very first time. Stunning.
  • I Don’t Think We’re Gonna Do That Again 5 of 9
    I Don't Think We're Gonna Do That Again
    This is Bonnie's husband Danny meeting their daughter Abby for the first time after her emergency C-section. Bonnie says, my doctor ordered that I be induced asap because my amniotic fluid was really low. So I went through 13 hours of terrible back labor with a lot of Pitocin added and barely dilating to 3 cm the whole time. I could tell my husband was so worried about the pain I was in. He constantly asked if there was anything he could do, that he loved me. When the baby's heart rate dropped, after finally getting the epidural to see if that would help my body relax enough to dilate closer to ten, the doctor set me up for an emergency c-section. We had prepared for if a c-section were to happen. But I could still tell he was worried about what was gonna happen. When he came into the OR they had already started, a min later, Abby was out. When they handed her to him, he was unsure of how to hold her, he had never held a newborn before. As soon as she was in his arms, he stopped asking questions and just looked at her in amazement. We had been trying to have a baby for 3 yrs and now, he was holding his little girl. We love her more than anything in the world... P.S. When we got to the recovery room, he said, "Baby, Im glad Abby's here, but I don't think we're gonna do that again. It was so hard watching you.go through.that pain and not be able to do something about it." He's such a sweetheart, but yes, we will go have another baby again some day." Listen up, Danny! Mom knows best!
  • An Unforgettable, Profoundly Significant Moment In My Life 6 of 9
    An Unforgettable, Profoundly Significant Moment In My Life
    This is Meredith's first photo with her son, Sylvan. "I had grand, naive plans for a beautiful, calm, quiet, natural birth, but wound up just being proud to get through it at all and thankful to my wonderful midwife for managing to spare me from a C-section. After 31 hours of labor, beginning with 16 or so hours of painful but unproductive contractions and ending in over 3 hours of pushing in which Sylvan kept crowning then slipping back in, he finally emerged into the world with the help of a vacuum. Those first moments of seeing and holding him were absolutely surreal. I couldn't quite believe that I was finally finished and had actually done it! And I had so often tried to imagine who he was and what he looked like that looking into that face and those eyes for the first time and thinking "it's you - this is who you are" was an unforgettable, profoundly significant moment in my life."
  • My Husband Introduced Me To My Son 7 of 9
    My Husband Introduced Me To My Son
    This is from Jennifer who says, "Baby's blood pressure started to drop after nearly 12 hours of labor and the doctor performed an emergency c-section. Ten minutes after hearing baby's cries, my husband introduced me to my son."
  • A Happy Healthy Son Today! 8 of 9
    A Happy Healthy Son Today!
    This photo is from Nicole who says, "My husband and I had planned for a natural childbirth and had taken 12 weeks of Bradley method classes. So, it was a total surprise when I developed a massive blood clot (DVT) in my leg at 35 weeks and had to go to the emergency room. At the hospital, it was determined that my son was breech, had intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and was estimated to be between 3-4 lbs. With the very real possibility of me potentially developing a fatal blood clot (pulmonary embolism), my son being so tiny and me going into premature labor, they decided it would be best to have a c-section. These photos are the first two taken of us together. The first in the bed was us together in the recovery room before they had to rush my son up to the NICU... 4 lbs, 8 oz and born at 36 weeks! We were told by the doctors that we were very lucky to have come in when we did. I could have developed a fatal blood clot and my son could have been born stillborn. I'm blessed to have a healthy happy son today!"
  • 11 pounds, 14 ounces! 9 of 9
    11 pounds, 14 ounces!
    Summer tells me "Here's the first photo with my (now 7 months!) youngest son all the way out. I have one snapped right before this with his head (only) out. He took FOREVER to come out, and I kept thinking "He's stuck, something's wrong, oh no!" Really, though, he was just so big that he needed to come slowly....all 11lbs. 14oz. of him! I was so relieved that he was all the way out, that he was alive and that it was over. It took me a few minutes to even open my eyes!

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