That Very First Photo (Second Edition)

Another round of inspiring birth photos to help get you to the other side of pregnancy!

A couple weeks ago I requested that my Facebook friends send me that very first photo they have of meeting their babies immediately after delivery.

I put the photos together here on Being Pregnant and was pleasantly surprised when a whole bunch of women who hadn’t seen my request expressed regret that their photos hadn’t been included.  So I decided to do a second edition and was shocked at how many women sent in photos.

Like I said the first time around, there is something so magical about the expression on a new mama’s face.  Every single one of these photos is truly awesome.  You can also look at them and get some great ideas for exactly where you want the photographer (your husband, mother or sister) to stand when your baby is born so you get the first photo of your dreams.

And, as always, if you’d like me to feature your first photo just email it to me at monica bielanko at yahoo dot com.  Thanks to everyone who sent their photos in!  If you sent one in and it isn’t featured here that means I’ll get it in the next edition. This might be my favorite thing I’ve done here on Being Pregnant. I can never look at too many birth photos. Sounds weird, but true! So as long as they let me and as long as y’all keep sending in photos, I’ll keep it That Very First Photo going.

Here they are:

  • Just Born 1 of 16
    Just Born
    This is the first photo in a series of three that Amy H. sent me of her children, Mila, Scout and Jones.
  • Cleaning Baby 2 of 16
    Cleaning Baby
    This. This is the kind of first photo I love to see. Look at mama's sweet face.
  • Single Tear Drop 3 of 16
    Single Tear Drop
    Here's the third photo from Amy, who, not only picked some of the coolest names ever, but apparently takes the greatest first photos ever too! Look at the single tear rolling down her cheek.
  • And Baby Makes Three 4 of 16
    And Baby Makes Three
    This photo was tweeted to me from @AlleyMamaa who manages to look beautiful in surgical wear. You can pay a photog to pose your family in all sorts of positions and I don't think you'll come close to capturing a family photo of this caliber. Awesome.
  • Radiating Happiness 5 of 16
    Radiating Happiness
    This photo is from Teresa who tells me "It's blurry and I look disgusting, so maybe not feature material, but I still love it." That's what I hear most from moms: that they look hideous in the photo but they love it. That's because the beauty is just radiating from you! Look at that happy face. Love this!
  • The View From Above 6 of 16
    The View From Above
    This photo is courtesy of Krista over at I really love the unique angle of this one. Mom looks sweetly stunning, baby is front and center but we know dad took the photo because there's his ring finger there at the bottom left.
  • Sweetly Serene 7 of 16
    Sweetly Serene
    This is from Elizabeth who tells me she so wishes there were more photos taken of the two of them but pictures were the last thing on her mind. Fun fact in Elizabeth's words: "I delivered my son standing up. I caught him and thrust him onto his Daddy's arms that were sprawled over the hospital bed. He was really purple and he wasn't breathing but for some reason I wasn't scared. The midwife grabbed a towel, rubbed his face with it hard and said, "Breathe Baby!" And then we heard the sweet, sweet sound of his screams. I crawled onto the bed, was handed my son, put him to my breast, and began to nurse."
  • Tired But Happy 8 of 16
    Tired But Happy
    Nicole tweeted me this photo. She clarifies that it's the first photo "without nudity". I heard that, sister. My first five photos include giant, floppy pregnancy boob. Kind of detracts from my Henry's beautiful face.
  • Corinne And Joey 9 of 16
    Corinne And Joey
    Proud grandma JoAnne sent this in of her daughter Corinne and her grandson, Joey.
  • Abby and Zoe 10 of 16
    Abby and Zoe
    This photo is from Abby who says little Zoe is nearly two months old now. Fun fact: Abby says her fingers were so swollen she had to wear her wedding ring on a chain around her neck.
  • Zoe And Violet 11 of 16
    Zoe And Violet
    This is from Zoe who tells me "It's not technically the moment I first laid eyes on her, because we were kind of busy at the time. But it does represent how I couldn't stop staring at her. She was just so perfect."
  • Well, Hello There! 12 of 16
    Well, Hello There!
    This is from Brenna who says "It's not the very first picture, but it's within minutes and my favorite." Look at that precious baby staring right at the camera!
  • Scotty J 13 of 16
    Scotty J
    I think this photo from Kate of her and her son shows that tranquility that descends on the room immediately following childbirth. It's such a high, giving birth and meeting your child for the very first time.
  • image-975 14 of 16
    This photo is probably my favorite. It's from my beautiful friend Meg who says, "I had Benson as a VBAC which I worked towards my whole pregnancy by working out and stretching. It took 3 hours of pushing so it was this amazing feeling of meeting this goal I'd been carrying around for nearly a year. Pushing him out was the hardest thing I'd every done!"
  • Crying And Smiling 15 of 16
    Crying And Smiling
    This photo is from Heather who had the little guy, her first, last October. She says "I still love this photo of us so much. He was screaming his little lungs out and I was in love." That's what I love about this photo. Screaming baby juxtaposed with thrilled, smiling mama.
  • Crying Together 16 of 16
    Crying Together
    The ones in which mama is crying are the ones that get me. Seriously! I get all verklempt just looking at this. This photo is from Lori who also writes here at Babble under the handle "Mommyfriend".

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