That Very First Photo (Third Edition)

This photo is stunning.

I am so pleased that so many of you keep sending me photos of that very first moment after childbirth when you met your baby.

I can never see enough of these awesome moments. Seriously, you guys, these photos take my breath away.

Whether it’s a vaginal birth, a c-section, a water birth, epidural or not, a surrogate birth — WHATEVER — the expression of joy and pure love on a new parent’s face is simply heart-stopping. As you’re about to see, I’m not exaggerating.

Again, I’d like to invite you to send me your first photos to monicabielanko at yahoo dot com with the subject “First Photo” and a short description of the birth. Also, I’d like to specifically request photos you have of dads holding their babies for the very first time as I’d like to do a special dad edition.

Here then is a new set of first photos from readers.

  • image-1138 1 of 13
    Here is what Arle has to say about meeting Milla. "I feel like I look awful... especially with what I like to call my "boxer eyes" that are sooo swollen from 2 hours of pushing... wheew! lol! But it is honestly also THEE most amazing photo ever taken of me. The exact moment my heart left my body to reside inside her. The moment i discovered what true, unconditional love is.. and trust me, I'm not the cheesy-mushy type! But its all totally true."
  • Pushing Through The Pain 2 of 13
    Pushing Through The Pain
    This photo comes from a longtime online friend, Wendy, who you can find at This photo kills me. Wendy says, "Jackson, was born on 10/9, two weeks early and after THREE hours of labor. He came so fast, there wasn't even time for an epidural, so I had a (very unplanned) natural childbirth. Holy hell, that hurt. But the reward was well worth it!". That is definitely the face of a mother who has been pushing without an epidural. Yay Wendy!
  • MariJo And Samantha 3 of 13
    MariJo And Samantha
    The lighting in this photo is really something, isn't it? Some of these quick snapshots turn out to be spectacular.
  • New Family 4 of 13
    New Family
    This is Kristen and her husband moments after the birth of their son, Levi. I really love the action shot as it appears dad is about to cut the chord, and if you look closely at dad, his face is flushed with joyful emotion. The other great thing about this photo? Kristen says, "This was taken by the nurse who was there for my entire pregnancy, even after her shift was supposed to end. She stayed until the very end and I couldn't love her more."
  • The Screamer 5 of 13
    The Screamer
    This is Stefanie with her second daughter, Tinsley Mae. Stefanie says Tinsley "came out screaming and hasn't stopped since!"
  • Reliving The Moment 6 of 13
    Reliving The Moment
    This photo hits me in the gut. I don't know what it is about certain photos that just reach in my chest and throttle my heart a bit. This is from Tara who says, "I love to look at this photo and relive the moment I met my daughter!" That's the great thing about these first photos. They bring it all back in a rush, don't they?
  • Midwife Saves The Day! 7 of 13
    Midwife Saves The Day!
    That looks like the euphoric face of a mom in love... Belinda says Rory's first minutes were intense. "He had a rough start to life, his umbilical cord had a 'natural knot' in it, so every time he started to come out, the knot would tighten. By the time his head came out he was blue. The midwife ripped him out, ripped me apart and ripped the cord in half! Wow. After some heart compressions and oxygen, my 10 pound baby was just fine. 4 years later I'm still weepy thinking about it!!!!"
  • Hand Me The Phone! 8 of 13
    Hand Me The Phone!
    This photo is from Melissa who says, "This was the first picture after they handed me a cleaned up pretty baby. I look like crap, but I love this one though, very, very much. Our baby's sex was a mystery and this was moments after they handed HIM back to me and I called my other children to tell them if their new sibling was a boy or a girl. They put me on speaker phone and I'll never forget hearing their reaction! It made me cry just as much as looking at my beautiful new baby."
  • In Love 9 of 13
    In Love
    Lindsey wasn't sure if she should email me her first photo because her daughter came via surrogate and she didn't get a photo of herself holding her baby for 45 minutes. I scolded her and said of course we want your photo! Lindsey says, "We were there for the birth, and I was the first to hold her, but then things got really busy and the reality of the surrogate thing kicked in. My husband and I were taken with the baby to small, unused labor room to weigh her and wrap her, etc. while they did the afterbirth thing with the babymama. We went back in later and she held the baby while my husband went and got her a cheeseburger and fries." Good man!
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    This is Jennifer and Aria. Jennifer says, "I think I was thinking something like 'Whoa, I made that'."
  • Jame And Kaeden 11 of 13
    Jame And Kaeden
    Mom, Dad and baby Kaeden all spending their first few moments together. Welcome to the world, little guy!
  • Safe And Sound 12 of 13
    Safe And Sound
    This is from Christy who says, "This photo captures what I felt perfectly, complete and utter relief that he was here safe and sound." That baby is an absolute doll. So sweet.
  • Happy Mama 13 of 13
    Happy Mama
    Stacia sent me several awesome photos but I went with this one because she just looks so happy. She says, "Mine was a cesarean, so the first actual pics are of my head and his hat, lol, but THESE were caught in the recovery room." Awww, look at his little face!

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