The 10 Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Before you get pregnant, people tell you lots of stuff about it.  “You’ll get morning sickness!  You’ll gain weight!  You’ll be tired!”  While none of that is necessarily fun, I wouldn’t call it embarrassing.  But, see, there are a lot embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that you may experience.  Pregnancy is not a delicate time!

So, what might these embarrassing symptoms be?  (First-time moms, beware!)

1) Severe and random nausea

This may or may not happen to you.  But it could!  Some women are so prone to nausea that they can throw up anywhere…without much warning.  If you catch a whiff of something that sets you off, find the nearest bathroom or trash can, quick.  You may need to unexpectedly dash out of the room, or worse, throw up right there on the floor or your friend’s shoes.  Not so fun.

2) Peeing your pants

As that baby gets bigger and jumps on your bladder, you just might pee your pants.  This happens especially if you cough or sneeze or even laugh.  And sometimes it’s not a little pee, either.  Sometimes it’s a lot, and you might need to excuse yourself to go change.

3) Gas

Need I say more?  It can strike at the most random times, and sometimes you don’t have any warning before it comes.  Learn to say “Excuse me” and move on.  If you can.

4) Mood swings

This wouldn’t be too bad…if it didn’t make you suddenly shriek, “Everybody just SHUT UP and STOP TOUCHING ME!” right in the middle of the grocery store (assuming you have other children who are loud and hanging on you, anyway).  Or, bursting into tears in front of all your friends because you remembered some less-than-sensitive comment your husband made last night.  You might appear a little…crazy.

5) Looking fat

No one wants to hear this, but there will be an inbetween stage where you no longer look so thin, but you don’t really look pregnant yet, either.  Instead, you just look…kind of fat.  And you will be tempted to burst into tears over this, too.  Somewhere around 14 – 18 weeks if it’s your first pregnancy (after that you’ll probably start to “pop” and it will become obvious that you are, in fact, pregnant, not just eating too many cookies).

6) Sheer exhaustion

Yes, you know that you’ll be tired.  But did you know you might be tired enough to lie down on those couches in the mall to steal a quick nap?  Or even on the floor at the store.  (I’m not making this up.  I’ve heard of women who do this.)  If you’re working, you might get caught sleeping at your desk.  Oh, and how to explain this to anyone else, especially those who have never been pregnant….

7) Constipation

Did you know that?  Pregnancy often causes constipation.  The pregnancy hormones slow things down so your body can absorb every last nutrient, but this doesn’t always turn out so pleasantly for you.  So you’re uncomfortable, sore, desperately need to go and can’t.  Then, assuming you actually do, you might find that all this waiting, weight from the baby, and straining has cause hemorrhoids….  So not cool.

8) Random and strange cravings

You may be sending your husband out at midnight for ice cream and anchovies.  Or something equally weird.  Maybe you only want pickles on top of a brownie one day.  Who knows.  Other people might be totally disgusted by what you eat at this point, and you can’t even explain why you want it.  And if your husband doesn’t go get you what you want, you just might cry.

9) Leaking breasts

You thought this only happened after the baby came?  Think again.  Your body starts to produce colostrum by 16 weeks.  That means that you might be able to squeeze a tiny drop out of your breasts.  Or, if you’re not so lucky, it might come out all by itself and leak down your shirt.  This is more likely as you get closer to birth, but, could happen to a few unlucky women by the time you’re 4 months along.

10) Pain and shrieking

Some things in pregnancy can cause pain.  Early on, you might have a “corpus luteum cyst” that cause you cramping and pain (totally normal, by the way).  Later, round ligament pain as your uterus grows.  And even later, being poked by elbows and knees and feet from all angles.  You might find yourself stopping and gasping, or even shoving limbs into different positions and saying, “Get back in there!”  People will not know what you are talking to or why….  (Unless they are other mothers!)

What was your most embarrassing pregnancy symptom?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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