The 13 Best Summer Sandals for Pregnant Women & Other Women Who Walk

Like any good New Yorker I care a lot about shoes. And I also care a lot about being able to walk in them.

I know Carrie Bradshaw made it seem like we’re all clip-clopping around in sky-high heels but if you see Sarah Jessica Parker dropping her kids off at school, she’s wearing moccasins. When it comes to footwear, living in NYC is kind of like being pregnant. You want cool shoes that won’t trip you up.

Teetering habits of Jessica Simpson and Rachel Zoe aside, I’ve found most pregnant women seek comfort in footwear. There are swollen feet to consider. But also the fact that walking during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I’ve assembled some really good, sensible but seriously stylish shoes that work so well during pregnancy, postpartum with a baby and when you’re chasing a kid around the playground. Some are wedgier than others but all boast some reasonable level of wear-ability.

  • The Saltwater Sandal $39.95 1 of 13
    The Saltwater Sandal $39.95
    I have two pairs. I love them.
    Purchase at Saltwater Sandals
  • Madrid Birkos $59.95 2 of 13
    Madrid Birkos $59.95
    You can't wrong with the Birkenstocks during pregnancy. This model got me through two pregnancies and I still wear them. The yellow makes even the pastiest legs look sun-kissed.
    Purchase at Amazon
  • Dansko Tasha Sandal $130 3 of 13
    Dansko Tasha Sandal $130
    Next to Birkenstock, Danskos are the go-to-brand for the practical hipster. These shoes have a ton to offer pregnant women, special insoles that "wick" away moisture, a "soft footbed," and beveled heel for "stability at impact."
    Purchase at Zappos
  • UGG Kayla $50.00 4 of 13
    UGG Kayla $50.00
    Ugg meet Third Trimester. Third Trimester meet Ugg.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Minnetonka Moccasin $39.95 5 of 13
    Minnetonka Moccasin $39.95
    Not technically a sandal, but these hipster slip-ons are perfect summer stompers. They're everywhere downtown these days and frequently found on the feet of Boho chic moms Kate Moss and Nicole Ritchie. (Check out the other colors, too.)
    Purchase at Amazon
  • The Classic Sunjun $38.95 6 of 13
    The Classic Sunjun $38.95
    Maybe you're too young to remember these from the 1980s but these were de rigeur back in the day. Amazingly comfortable, affordable, and flattering to the feet, these are poised for a comeback.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Kork-Ease Katherine $135 7 of 13
    Kork-Ease Katherine $135
    Huge in the late 60s and 70s, Kork-Ease shoes are fabulously sensible.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Fleece Sidewalk Surfers $55 8 of 13
    Fleece Sidewalk Surfers $55
    It's a shoe. It's a sweatshirt.
    Purchase at Flip Flop Shops
  • Jil SanderThong Sandal $285.00 9 of 13
    Jil SanderThong Sandal $285.00
    I know, I know it's a lot for a thong. But these will NEVER go out of fashion and they're chic enough to wear to a wedding or even the office. These are on my wish-list.
    Purchase at Totokaeolo
  • K. Jacques & Opening Ceremony $ 265.00 10 of 13
    K. Jacques & Opening Ceremony $ 265.00
    You could wear a sack and these shoes would pull it all together. Pricey, but think of what you'd save wearing a sack everyday?
    Purchase at Totokaeolo
  • Kork-Ease Bette Vacchetta $150 11 of 13
    Kork-Ease Bette Vacchetta $150
    The original 1970s wedge in all it's corky splendor.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Clarks Liz Bistro $95 12 of 13
    Clarks Liz Bistro $95
    Love the denim. Very sensible. Win-win.
    Purchase at Zappos
  • Sanuk Flip Flop $28.00 13 of 13
    Sanuk Flip Flop $28.00
    I have seen New Yorkers work the Baha flip flip with the most urban clothes. The surfer look-- comfortable, casual, strong-- works perfectly for pregnant women and new moms.
    Purchase at Flip Flop Shops


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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