The 16 Worst Comments Actually Said to Pregnant Women

Earlier this week, I made the chart at left and posted it on the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage. Basically, it’s about how it doesn’t really matter what people say about my 32 week pregnant belly, all I hear is “YOU LOOK HUGE”.

Apparently, I’m not alone in this because the chart got almost 4000 shares on Facebook, plus there were over 400 comments from women responding with the worst things that people have said to them while they were pregnant. Comments from strangers, friends, family, husbands, doctors. It seems there is nobody that hasn’t said the wrong thing at one point.

Below are my 16 favorite comments. And by favorites, I mean— the comments that would make me start crying and hide in my bedroom until my due date…

I got “what are you, 10 months?!”

I was in line at the grocery store. I think it was April. The clerk asked me when I was due. I said “July.” The woman behind me said – loud and disgusted – “JULY?!?!?!?” I nodded. “OH HONEY!!! You are never going to make it to July!!!!”

On the Metro North headed home at about 7 mos… I sat down and the guy diagonally across asked “You’re not going to have that baby right now are you?”…. I don’t remember my response but he got up & moved.

My dentist – trying to talk me into expensive veneers said this: “Your teeth were good enough to get you married but is this the smile you want your baby to look at for the rest of its life?”
— Julie

I had someone ask me “when are you due?????” while I was holding my 2 week old daughter. That was worse than any comments I got while pregnant!!!

I was told “You must be having a girl because it’s all in your face.” I don’t even know what “it” is or what it was doing in my face.

A cashier I have never seen before in my life said, “You haven’t had that baby yet? What are you waiting for??” My reply, “I am waiting for my due date… in 3 months.”

My sister calls me Pregosaurus. I hate it!

At 23 weeks my parents were admiring my belly. Mom: I was never that big. Dad: Yes you were – when the baby was ready to be born. Nice, thanks guys.

A woman standing next to me on line at Bed, Bath and Beyond turned to me and said, “Oh that explains it, I see a hint of a belly. You’re pregnant!” I said yes. She said “I was standing here wondering why you looked so haggard and exhausted.” Gee, thanks?!

My doorman said to me: “Any day now!” as I exited the building at 24 weeks.

My dad hums the tune to “Pop Goes the Wiesel” while making a cranking gesture like he’s turning a jack in the box. He does it all the time. Drives me crazy.

Sometime in November, I was walking into the store and some woman said “Gonna be a Christmas baby!” Nope. I was due in mid-March.

I have a small killer whale tattoo’ed on my hip. I was laying in bed about 8 months pregnant, with just undies and a bra on. My husband walked in, looked at me, and asked “Wanna go for a ride Shamu?” referring to having sex. He swears he was talking about my tattoo, but I took it as him calling me a whale. Needless to say, he didn’t get any that night!

My mom said to me (at 33 weeks) “You look like you swallowed a yoga ball”. —Hannah

I had a seriously large guy look at me and say “Twins?” One of my biggest regrets to this day is that I didn’t smile sweetly and say “No, you?”

What was the worst thing someone said to you while you were pregnant?

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