The 25 Top Pregnancy Stories of 2011

Foreskin Man... epidurals *after* the birth … “Uterus Police”…  it’s been quite a year for a pregnancy and birth blogger! Here are the highlights:

There’s a 20% spike in home births in the US. The Internet wonders, is it all because of Ricki Lake???

Georgia legislator proposes “uterus police,” who would investigate the cause of every miscarriage. Completely justified outrage ensues.

53-year-old “Real Housewife,” Ramona Singer worries that she’s pregnant when she misses her period. Nothing says ageless beauty like Botox a middle-aged pregnancy scare.

Nursing students are expelled for posting a picture of placenta on Facebook. No fair.

Miranda Kerr gave birth to a huge baby, vaginally, with no drugs! Scores of petite women chime in to share their experiences giving birth to large babies.

A 16 pound baby born in Texas sets local record. Yes, it was a c-section.

Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham wear massive stilletos while pregnant, some people think this is ridiculous and/or unsafe. Others think it’s a fabulous, possibly even feminist, statement.

An anesthesiologist writes a book telling women they should get an epidural after the birth too. Even epidural-loving mothers wonder, wtf?

America ranks last in all developed countries when it comes to how we treat our moms and babies. Pretty much everyone agrees this is very lame.

Just when you thought you could spend a few hours of your life not spending money, a gown specifically designed for labor is marketed to moms. The kicker? It’s actually kind of great.

Diane Keaton wrote an awesome book about motherhood.

Ina May Gaskin wrote another awesome book about birth.

Tina Fey publishes brilliant rant in The New Yorker about how female-comedian-mothers-at-40 are shafted by the entertainment business, cultural expectations and biology. Then announces pregnancy.

Some genius discovers that dads are the original hipsters.

An “intactivist” comic book called “Foreskin Man” causes a stir when the ripped (but not cut) Aryan hero is taunted by a menacing-looking Rabbi.

The first ever postpartum depression clinic opens in Georgia. Let’s hope this starts a trend.

Woman takes, and finishes bar exam while in labor.

We learned that guys give up bad habits when they become dads. (Except for teen dads who seem to have a more complicated reaction to their new role.)

An artist gives birth in a gallery, prompting all manner of outrage. But really if you think about it, the history of performance art is full of bodily functions.

A doula gives birth over the internet, showing once and for all that an unedited birth video is a lot like an Andy Warhol movie (semi-clothed people walking around in a poorly lit room making the occasional grunty noise).

We learned that cutting the cord right away isn’t necessarily so great for the baby. Maybe we should let that sucker pump for at least a few more minutes?

A midwife is named CNN Hero of 2011.

Finally! Whiskey for pregnant women!

Several entries to the National Geographic Photo of 2011 Contest were of births. Reactions to the pictures include, “Stunning!,” “Tears in my eyes,” “Is nothing sacred?” and “Ew, is that her nipple.”

Lots of women gave birth all over the world, in all kinds of positions! Here’s to all the new mothers of 2011!

Happy New Year.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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