The 5 Scariest Things About Giving Birth

My son, Henry, on his birthday.

Everyone’s birth experience is different.  So, what may have scared the hell out of me about giving birth might be no big deal to you.

Certainly, many of you will scoff at one of the five things on my list.  I can guarantee that.  But that’s okay.  I think everyone will identify with something, and hopefully I can offer you a few words of reassurance, because some of the things I spent so many months freaking out about turned out to be no big deal at all.

Here, then, are the top 5 things that scared me the most about giving birth:

  • The Epidural 1 of 5
    The Epidural
    I was super freaked out about getting an epidural. What with the needle as long as your arm and all the horror stories I'd hurt about it not taking effect or only numbing one side... Turns out, it was awesome. AWESOME. And the needle didn't really hurt at all. I'd take that needle five times over if it mean I didn't feel those gnarly contractions.
  • Contractions 2 of 5
    I'm not going to lie, the contractions I felt before the epidural were brutal. I was only dilated to a two before I summoned the anesthesiologist and I thought I was going to die! Breathing totally helps. Deep breaths and holding your husband's hand until you nearly crush every bone in his fingers. I don't know how women do it naturally. My body felt like it was breaking wide open. Yay for the epidural!
  • Pushing 3 of 5
    When it comes to pushing, I was worried about everything. I didn't want to splay my legs open for the world to see, I wondered if I'd know how to push. What if I did it wrong? Turns out, by the time you're ready to push, you don't give a damn about anything but getting that baby out. Trust me. Just push like you do when you poop and you'll do just fine, I promise. I just focused on my husband counting to ten and all was good.
  • Pooping 4 of 5
    Seriously! Stop laughing! This was one of my major fears. That I'd unleash my bowels on innocent doctors and nurses and they would secretly laugh at me. I was certain I'd push so hard I'd let loose and the entire room would be able to smell what I had for dinner the night before. Listen, if you do happen to poop, you'll never know it. Nurses whisk it away so fast it doesn't even have time to stink. Don't waste another second thinking about it.
  • Waiting For That First Cry 5 of 5
    Waiting For That First Cry
    Every mama's fear is that something will be wrong with her baby. We all wait anxiously to hear that first cry after baby has been born. Those first seconds of your baby's life must be the longest any parent has ever suffered through. Unfortunately, I have no words of wisdom. You've just got to tough them out. The good news is once they're over and you're loving on your screaming bundle of joy for the very first time, well, those are moments you will remember forever.


What about you?  Is there anything you were afraid of that turned out to be no big deal?  Or is there something you never even thought of that turned out to be super scary while you were giving birth?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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