The 5 Worst Gifts for a Newborn Baby

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There are ways to avoid this

Of course any gift for a new child is sweet because someone took the time to think of and shop for your precious bundle.

That being said, some gifts are better than others. And some simply just aren’t good. At all.

Here are the five worst presents to give a newborn baby:


  • Goodnight Moon 1 of 5
    Goodnight Moon
    It's a classic. There's no story like it and you'll read it endlessly for your child's first few years of life. Which is why everyone else thought of giving it before you to the extent that the baby could cover his or her nursery walls — twice — with all of the copies that arrived after he or she was born.
  • Newborn-size clothes 2 of 5
    Newborn-size clothes
    It's a lovely thought to give a new baby clothes that are just his or her size. But chances are the child's parents already took care of the wardrobe for the first few week. Plus, some babies are already too big for newborn sizes even when they're born. Better to give clothes that are 6-12 months size, or better yet, a gift certificate to a store like Baby Gap.
  • Hats, bibs, booties, receiving blankets 3 of 5
    Hats, bibs, booties, receiving blankets
    Like with Goodnight Moon, everyone thinks they're very clever in giving these gifts. But the reality is, unless you hand-knitted yours, they will be among a few dozen that the baby receives. And as cute/clever/original as you think the ones you've chosen are, they will get lost in the pile very quickly. Promise.
  • Regifted or used gifts 4 of 5
    Regifted or used gifts
    If you didn't want it for your kid, chances are another mom won't want it for hers. And if you're giving used clothing as your gift, best to check with the mom and see if she wants your spit-up stained clothes first.
  • Gifts without receipts 5 of 5
    Gifts without receipts
    They're probably also regifted, but even if they're not, don't give a newborn baby something that can't be returned, even if you think it's the greatest gift ever. People have different taste, needs and wants, even if you think your style is universal and/or impeccable.


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