The American Uterus: Hostile Environment

Before I get started, I want to say that this post is going to have a couple words in it that may make some people feel uncomfortable. Those words are uterus, and vagina. Simple health terms often replaced by silly slang terms like Vajayjay or whoha. But to get the real impact of my thoughts and feelings, I think the anatomically correct terms will make the most impact.

I am sad to be a pregnant women in the United States right now, I am even downright scared. It seems like the uterus is no longer a safe or personal organ. It is becoming the center of attention for mostly male politicians, and the kinda scares me.

And I am not here to preach politics, or tout my liberal background or opinion, just to get people to stop for a moment and say no matter what your political background is, we should stop and see how many steps backwards we are taking with all the new proposed laws, and funding cuts we are seeing.

First starting with the post I read earlier today by Ceridwen right here on Being Pregnant. Georgia lawmakers proposing investigations into women who miscarry. I am not sure the genius that came up with this idea, but it certainly isn’t a good one. It is just another way to be intrusive into the medical care of women, as well as victimize those who have just gone through a very hard, and emotional time. A friend of mine recently miscarried, and what I have seen her go through I would not wish on anyone. These lawmakers would essentially be causing trauma, and not being held accountable for their actions.

Note to lawmakers in Georgia, the medical records and care of women isn’t your business. Buttttt out!

Then there is the never ending saga in the House of Representatives over Planned Parenthood funding which would leave hundreds of thousands of women without low cost and affordable medical care. Another bright idea. Like Planned Parenthood or not, they provide lifesaving services yearly. Planned Parenthood saved my life!

Personhood USA is trying to give your fetus/baby/pregnancy/or whatever you would like to call your pregnancy or child more rights than you… Yes. Exactly how it sounds. But this one overall gets my blood boiling because these personhood laws are being used for more than just abortion rights, these are being used to force women into things like c-sections, and other medical procedures they could otherwise deny without an issue during pregnancy.  Don’t like that gestational diabetes screening at 28 weeks?  They will be able to force you to have it!   Don’t want that early induction because your OB has 9 holes of golf to play?  Suck it up because you will be getting it whether you want to or not!

All stories of real women who have had their Constitutional rights violated because a medical provider, or judge disagreed with their right for informed consent.

Something like that makes me want to have my uterus removed completely!

But sadly, the rights that women have fought for over the past century are slowly being taken away. From reproductive rights, to simple everyday things, which include miscarriage of all stuff.

Your uterus slowly is becoming public property for political gain, and this is a super scary time to be pregnant, or even consider becoming pregnant.



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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