The Best Cruise For Your Personality

Now that we’ve established that a cruise vacation can be the best kind of babymoon for a pregnant woman — whether or not you’re bringing kids along — you just have to decide which kind of cruise to take.

It’s not just Caribbean coasts and snorkeling excursions, people.

If you’re not crazy about seeing young flat stomachs on young skinny bikini bodies, there’s a cruise for you. If you’d rather see historical landmarks than white-sand beaches, there’s a cruise for you. If you’re looking to do more relaxing than adventurous excursions, yes, there’s a cruise for you.

Here are my suggestions for the best cruises for your personality:

  • Alaska 1 of 10

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who feels overwhelmed and stressed.

    What you'll do: There's something about being immersed in nature and seeing larger-than-life natural wonders that makes your problems seem seriously insignificant. Go enjoy the exotic beauty in this world (like massive glaciers and rare wildlife) and I guarantee you'll be more excited to bring a new life into it. (P.S.: Being outdoorsy is a plus.)

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  • Bermuda 2 of 10

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who enjoys luxury.

    What you'll do: Walk the most stunning pink-sand beaches, lazily shop at each port, and visit historical sites along the way. You can even take an evening cruise into the Bermuda Triangle — if you dare.

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  • Bahamas/Florida 3 of 10

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who wants to let loose and have some fun.

    What you'll do: Sure you might be pregnant, but you're the type of fun-loving lady who doesn't need a cocktail to have a good time. Everything from Universal Studios to dolphin swimming will keep you smiling from beginning to end.

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  • New England/Canda 4 of 10
    New England/Canda

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who wants a low-key break — without seeing itty-bitty 20-somethings prancing around in their bikinis, making you want to punch something in the neck.

    What you'll do: The perfect time to take this cruise is in Autumn, when New England's gorgeous changing leaves is a spectacle all on their own. Visit historical sites you've always wanted to see with quaint old-school charm, and indulge in some of the best lobster in the world. (If you're concerned about mercury levels in lobster, it's relatively low in mercury compared to other seafood. And if you're going to have lobster at any point in your pregnancy, this is the lobster to have.)

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  • Caribbean 5 of 10

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who needs to relax.

    What you'll do: There's a variety of different cruises to take depending on where in the Caribbean you'd like to visit, but the rich colors, crystal-clear calm waters, and pristine beaches are enough to chill you out. Excursions exshmursions — just step out on your balcony and breathe in the Caribbean air.

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  • Europe 6 of 10

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who always planned to travel more before having kids.

    What you'll do: While I truly believe that you will have time to travel after having kids (take them along!), maybe you wish that you had some more places checked off of your travel wish-list before having babies. The simple answer is a European cruise where you visit all the places you wanted to go in one trip. Take a Mediterranean tour where you hit up Spain, Italy, Greece, and France in one swoop, or opt to visit Northern Europe instead. Wherever you always wanted to visit — whether it's Iceland or Italy — you can find a cruise that stops there.

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  • Hawaii 7 of 10

    Perfect for: anyone. It's Hawaii, people.

    What you'll do: Whether you want to be immersed in incredible nature, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, or experience the thrill of an active volcano, Hawaii is the place.

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  • Panama Canal 8 of 10
    Panama Canal

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who wants a different kind of adventure (and has the time for a 14-day+ vacation).

    What you'll do: This is your last vacation before becoming a mommy — make it something completely unique to anything you've done before. Hawaii, Greece, Bermuda — they're all gorgeous, but they've been done. Have you ever sailed through one of man's greatest accomplishments? Have you seen the natural exotic beauty that is the Panama Canal? This cruise is longer and pricier than some of the others, but it's also quite possibly the most memorable.

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  • Pacific Coastal 9 of 10
    Pacific Coastal

    Perfect for: the west-coaster who wants a close-to-home getaway, or the east-coaster who always wanted to experience the other side.

    What you'll do: Experience everything the West Coast has to offer in one vacation — from Malibu to Vancouver.

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  • Transatlantic 10 of 10

    Perfect for: the pregnant woman who can't make up her mind.

    What you'll do: What won't you do? There are so many options to choose from — whether you want a 7-day cruise from London to New York, a 20-day cruise from Spain to the Caribbean, or an epic 28-day cruise from Denmark to Miami.

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Keep in mind that most (all?) cruise lines have a cut-off limit during pregnancy, and Norwegian Cruise Line is the 6-month mark. But if you’re planning on cruising before your 24th week, there are plenty of advantageous for you.

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