The Best of Pregnancy Brain

So yesterday a funny thing happened: I made lunch for my two kids and then promptly threw both lunches in the trash. Then I walked around the kitchen wondering where the hell I put them. Then I accused my 5-year-old of moving them until I found them on the top of the kitchen trash. There is only one logical explanation for this idiotic behavior:

Pregnancy brain.

Pregnancy brain is not a medically proven phenomenon, but anyone who has ever been pregnant or lived with a pregnant woman knows it’s very, very real.  My explanation has always been that the normal blood flow to my brain is being hijacked by my uterus. I’ve heard other women say that they have two brains in their body but they’ve never been so dumb…something about competing for resources and your baby always wins!

A few months ago my friend Pregnant Chicken posted on her Facebook wall asking what pregnancy brain stories her followers had and I remembered the responses being hilarious. So last night, to make myself feel better about my own stupidity, I went back and combed through the stories from over a hundred moms.

And so I give you: The Best of Pregnancy Brain

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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