The Best Pregnancy Photos I've Ever Seen

From Patrick Stull's new book Evolve... A Woman's Journey

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of pregnancy portraits.  I’m not a huge fan of posed photographs period.  I don’t like the contrived feeling of standing there staring at the camera attempting to look serene or whatever is expected of the archetypal pregnancy portrait.  And let’s face it, there is some seriously weird stuff out there.

That said, I have just stumbled across the best photos of pregnant women I have ever seen. 

Stephanie Precourt pointed me in the direction of brilliant artist, Patrick Stull, who has a new book out called Evolve…A Woman’s Journey which you can purchase here as a hardcover book or as an iBook for your iPad.

Even though these photographs are meticulously staged there is something so beautifully natural about them. Being pregnant, as most of us know, feels so clumsy and cumbersome but Stull has managed to make these heavily pregnant bodies appear graceful and fluid, almost magical even.

As PR Newswire reports, “Evolve…A Woman’s Journey was inspired by Stull’s own life experience. When his wife Sally delivered their second child, the doctors made a harrowing discovery — their son was born with Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) that could potentially obliterate any chance for normal development. The couple was devastated as their joyous anticipation suddenly turned into anxiety, sadness and fear.”

Each of the 30 women in the book were chosen for their unique circumstances and challenges they faced and conquered during their pregnancies, including prejudices, intense family pressures, health risks, poverty and abuse. Stull’s photos and words celebrate the “empowerment and spiritual growth these women gained through their journeys.”

“All of these courageous women have an individual story that resonates with every human being,” said Stull. “My goal in creating this book was to provide a way to learn more about our own humanity, and a woman’s fundamental contribution to our lives.”

See for yourself, as Patrick Stull has graciously given permission to showcase some of his work here:

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