The Best Pregnancy Video Idea. Ever.

Remember when we showed you that stop-motion video of baby Eliza? The one that you watched 12 times and cried after each and every one? (What, just me?)

I truly didn’t think another pregnancy video could come along and top it — and I’m not quite sure it has — but yet another stop-motion video is circulating the blogosphere with words of praise like “brilliant!” and “clever!” and “awww!” And it is all of those words, in fact, and more. So much so that I’m compelled to immediately post it over here so that you can all work on your own versions of this oh-so-smart video idea. Because while the Eliza video was a work of art — intricate and moving — this “News” video will have you saying, Why didn’t I think of that?

Take a look at this inspiringly brilliant video from a very clever couple:



(For those who don’t know, a stop-motion video is compiled of a bunch of still photos. Like a video flipbook, if you will.)

So what do you think?

(via CafeMom)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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