Boys, Girls or Both? The Big Twin Ultrasound

Our big ultrasound is on Monday. The one where we we get to see all the baby hands and toes and finally find out if they are identical or fraternal…

Oh, and you know, the other stuff.


It’s like Christmas eve coming up and I’m 6 years old again. That’s how this feels. The moment we know our whole life changes again. In this amazing way, and this time it includes our daughter Bella.

Because either way – it’s amazing. Boys, girls, a combo – it’s all going to be such a rush to finally know. And even if it’s wrong – I get a u/s every 4 weeks and more often later, so the chances of knowing eventually are pretty high.

So what do we want?

Well, that depends. I wrote a post not long ago (before we found out they might be identical) about becoming one of those people who say, “Healthy babies!” but once I got pregnant with my daughter I realized – that’s just what we all mean. No matter how much we long for one or the other (and it’s ok to feel that way!), a healthy baby takes precedence over anything else in the end.

However, I go back and forth on my feelings for what I’d love to have. Putting Bella’s too small little girl clothes away, finding the little newborn boy ones my friend gave me from hers, it jumps in excitement back and forth. Because this is our last pregnancy, there is a part of me that hopes for a little boy. But then I think of two little girls and my heart flips. Two little boys and I feel the same. One of each?

Well. I think that’s what I’m leaning towards simply because I wouldn’t have to think about it anymore. lol

We did consider not knowing. We might have if we’d already had a boy and girl. But with the chance of two boys and only little girl stuff around, I want to know. Besides, I’m terrible at waiting.

But – we will be keeping the names we choose a secret between just Sam and myself. Since there isn’t a lot I don’t share, that was something I want to hold onto for a while. Everyone will know when they’re born.

I can honestly say, and Sam agrees, that no matter what, we are going to be over the moon for whatever combo we get. Thankful for two babies alive and kicking, thankful we have the chance to be pregnant with twins, thankful that so far I’m able to be up and around and take care of my daughter. I don’t have a strong preference because I’m usually just so focused on finding out they are both on track in each ultrasound.

As hard as this pregnancy has been at times, I am thankful for each and every day of it. The big ultrasound? Is simply icing on the twins cake.

Now I want cake. Funfetti.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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