The Breast Milk Diet: Man Attempts To Live Entirely On Wife’s Breast Milk

I’d miss pizza too much.

Remember that episode of friends in which they dare Ross to drink some of his ex-wife Carol’s breast milk? That’s what I was reminded of when I read this story on a man attempting to live entirely off his wife’s breast milk. As many men seem to react fairly squeamishly about drinking the milk – I’ve seen men cringe when I take a quick lick off a drop of breast milk on my arm to check if a bottle is warm enough – I wondered exactly what this breast milk guzzling fella was up to.

Curits is a first time father who wants to consume nothing but his wife’s breast milk for as long as he can. Apparently Katie, a doula and chilbirth educator, is one of the lucky women who can pump more breast milk than she needs. She has hundreds of bottles worth frozen in their freezer. Their baby will never be able to drink them before they go bad and that got Curtis to thinking…

As Shawna Cohen over at Mommyish says, “Curtis, who has digestive problems, figured why not drink it all himself?”

Curtis, who is not a small man at 6’4″ and 185 pounds needs about 2,000 caloroies per day.  They tested Katie’s breast milk and it contains around 30 calories per ounce.  Do the math.  That means Curtis needs to put away 66 ounces of breast milk a day.  That’s around eight of those 8 oz. bottles.  Except Curtis doesn’t drink it from a bottle, of course.  Because that would be weird.  But drinking his lady’s breast milk isn’t?

Curtis outlined the rules on his blog, Don’t Have A Cow, Man:

Nothing to eat or drink except breast milk.
Blog daily about how I am feeling and how it is going.
See how many days I can make it without other food.

I went over to check Curtis’ blog and it has disappeared.  I know that his story spread like wildfire yesterday with everyone from ABC, Huffington Post to the Daily Mail in the UK reporting on his story.

I’m guessing he stopped the experiment either because he wanted to eat solids again or because he got too much grief. Several people commented that Curtis and Katie should’ve donated the milk to someone who needs it. Apparently Katie did that with her first two children but didn’t find anyone who needed it this time around and shipping it to a bank was too expensive for the couple.

Nonetheless, before it disappeared, Curtis noted what it was like to only drink breast milk for three days on his blog.

Here’s what Mommyish writer Shawna Cohen reports:

Curtis drank 44 ounces on day one and says he didn’t feel hungry or overly full, just satisfied. On day two, he drank 66 ounces and, as he explains on his blog, “Hunger is pretty much non-existent and manifests itself mostly as thirst. I quench the thirst 16 ounces at a time and that keeps me satisfied from 2 to 4 hours. I feel good, happy on a full belly, and I feel that it should go well. I may even be sad when all the milk is gone from the freezer…the third day of his diet, Curtis writes: “Much more hungry yesterday, 104 ounces consumed, roughly 3120 calories. Near the end of the day I started craving solid foods, so I drank more milk and it satisfied my hunger. I am really enjoying the milk now and am always surprised how each glass tastes different.”

So how are folks reacting to Curtis’ breast milk experiment?  As Colvin on Mommyish writes, “people are totally grossed out by this experiment, as evidenced in the comment section of Curtis’ blog. But there are just as many supporters out there, many of whom question why we even drink cow’s milk, for example, instead of our own.”

What do you think about Curtis’ experiment?  I’m actually pretty interested by the whole thing.  It’s a testament to how amazing breast milk is, that it can sustain a grown man like that.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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