Is It Wrong to Look Forward to a C-Section?

Is it wrong to look forward to a c-section?

I mean, as I was being wheeled into the operating room to have one with my first daughter, I was brought to tears of unhappiness. It came after two hours of pushing, which was preceded by 16 hours of dysfunctional labor (don’t ask). Somewhere along the way, or at the end of it, it was determined that I actually have a single small body part — my pelvis — so it appeared that I didn’t have much of a choice. And don’t even get me started on the double whammy of the pushing and then the cutting. Misery.

But now I’m looking forward to my next C-section, because it’ll be like the first vacation I’ve had in three years. Sure, I’ve taken some trips in the past three years, but how is a vacation with a baby really considered a vacation? The C-section will be the first time I’ll have had more than 18 hours away from my toddler (whom I adore more than my limbs, of course) since before she was conceived.

The hospital where we live doesn’t do vaginal births after Caesarian sections, and I’m not sure my pelvis has gained any weight in the interim anyway. So I called up the insurance company, which is a different one than I had during the last pregnancy, to ask how many nights I get in the hospital. I was expecting the answer to be somewhere in the range of 48 to 72 hours. But as it turns out, the answer is FOUR. Four nights away from home while someone else does the work as I’m all hopped up on an epidural and then prescription narcotics afterwards? Heaven!

I’m picturing myself showing up showered and with a fresh pedicure as I check in like it’s a hotel. And it helps that the maternity wing in the hospital is beautiful. It was renovated a few months before I gave birth last time. All of the rooms have just one bed, with one of the rooms actually boasting a queen-sized bed. They gave me a brand new chenille robe in a pretty shade of green to keep (which I’ve since tossed, but still). They also gave me an hour-long massage a day or two after giving birth (with the choice of having it in my room or going to a different one free of all clutter). They gave me a choice or steak or seafood dinner on my last night — with my husband (so we got both, and both were surprisingly good). They even had a corkscrew on hand in case I wanted my first glass of wine in 10 months (or I asked for one and they managed to dig it up. Either way.).

I’m looking forward to it so much it’s as if I’m forgetting it means I have to undergo abdominal surgery and worry about not one, but two babies (one at home, one in my belly). It’s as if I’m forgetting the reason why I’m actually going to the hospital, as in, what happens after they cut me open and before and after they wine and dine me. Like, I get a new baby. Which I’m also looking forward to, by the way.

My husband seemed surprised when I told him I’d was allowed four nights.

“But you’re not going to stay the whole time, are you?” he asked.


Last time he spent every minute of my three nights in the hospital with me. But this time we have a toddler at home, and we won’t have any family in town to stay with her, which means he’ll be on duty at the house. And unlike last time when the baby bunked with me all three nights (which wasn’t necessarily by choice, but it ended up being a busy weekend to be born in town), this time I plan on seriously considering getting some sleep. I’m going to wait and see on that one though.

Either way, the countdown is on, and I can’t wait (to meet my baby, too).

Do you think it’s psycho to get psyched for a C-section?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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