Operation Nesting With The Container Store & IKEA

operation nesting

Confession:  Me + Organization = HAHAHA – until pregnancy kicks in that is.

As soon as the Pregnant Nester in me kicks me,  watch out.  I am happy to say, that with my current pregnancy, nesting kicked in at 17 weeks. Let’s hope these keep up so we have an organized house for #4!

The Container Store & IKEA = Heaven for this Pregnant Nester

The last 2 weekends, I’ve noticed this nesting instinct kicking in. We’re talking awkward, full scale rabid attack on all clutter. With 3 kids and a 4 bedroom house – at our current state, we have no occupancy in this inn.  As soon as we found out we’re having kid #4, we knew some house changes had to happen.


1. Reduce All Clutter

Operation remove anything we don’t need has commenced. All clothes that no longer fit the kids have been stored, donated or passed down. The Container Store has fabulous storage bags, great for winter clothes.

2. Organize the Game Room for 4 Different Ages

With the kids all varying in age and gender, the game room needs to be multifunctional.  We bought great shelving from IKEA that lets the kids easily sort and store all of their toys and books.

3.  Sell Unused Items to Pay for the Nursery

We have a treadmill that is never used, a camera that I upgraded, but never sold the old one. We have a PS3 that has been replaced by an XBOX 360 – after selling these items, we’ll have a good start to paying for our nursery.

4. Convert the Study to a Bedroom

To create an extra bedroom without building walls, we are converting our study to a bedroom. The study is a decent size, but doesn’t have a closet. Thankfully, IKEA has a great wardrobe closet system that will allow us to successfully house an extra kid in a closet-less room.

5. Make Room in the Master Bedroom

We fortunately have a good size master bedroom. But add in a bassinet and other newborn items, that large space quickly closes in. We’re looking into organizing our closet with Elfa from The Container Store to help eliminate the need for an extra dresser, making more room for baby.

I’ll also be moving my office to our bedroom. Which poses even more of a need to make room in our master bedroom!

6. Create Additional Storage thru Shelving

When we moved into our home, we were DINKS. DINKS means Double Income No Kids. We built our house knowing that we’d fill it full with children. As our family grew, so did our stuff and something that we’ve begun to realize is that this house SUCKS at storage, particularly shelving. These are things you don’t necessarily need when you don’t have much – but as any parents will tell you…. kids create STUFF.  Ikea has several great storage and shelving options with their Billy line combined with cute Container Store baskets that will help do the trick with this STUFF.

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