The End of Pregnancy…

I finally finished this baby's blanket!

Okay, it’s been a busy few days around here.  A bit of nesting struck and I was frantically doing everything I could.  Not to mention our little ‘adventure’ yesterday…sometimes the universe just doesn’t want you to do something!

At 35 weeks I know I’m running out of time.  And yet my to-do list?  Barely made a dent in it.  Not to mention that being so close, I’m getting really uncomfortable sometimes (baby likes to drop super low so I feel like my hips are breaking) and have no patience left.

So then that leaves me with a to-do list still undone, and yesterday’s adventure….

Yesterday I had intended to meet up with several friends we hadn’t seen in weeks (most are pregnant or have newborns) and take all the kids to the splash pad.  It was a gorgeous day for it, too: mid-80s, not humid, sunny.  The kids were excited.

First, I couldn’t find their bathing suits (at all), but I decided they’d just go in shorts and t-shirts.  Who cares, right?  Then my husband *almost* forgot to leave my son’s car seat — he actually started driving to work and doubled back to bring it to me.  Then the kids were whining and fighting a lot while I tried to finish some chores before we left.  I was bound and determined to go….

We got into the car and got everyone strapped and our haphazard lunch (chips, leftover chicken, and prunes) packed.  Then I tried to start the car…nope.  It was trying, but it just wasn’t going.  I thought about giving up, but I didn’t want to.  So I called AAA for the second time in two weeks, who told me it might be an hour until they could help (it wasn’t exactly an emergency, after all…we were all at home and fine, I just wanted the car to start!).  It only took them about 20 minutes to actually get there, but when they tested the battery they said it was dead, like really needed replaced.  They jumped it but told me it wouldn’t hold a charge and so I would need a new one ASAP.

Not to be deterred, I left with the kids anyway.  Talking to my husband, it was decided I should get a new battery right away, to prevent being stranded anywhere.  He told me I could either do it myself…or go home and wait until he got off work to do it.  I still wanted to see my friends, so I decided to stop and get a battery and then keep going.  Apparently I got “stiffed” on the battery charges but I didn’t have a ton of options on where to go and I don’t know how to install the thing myself (my husband does).  He was kind of mad that I didn’t just wait for him.  Oh well.

We drove on to the fountains, determined, although the kids were no longer allowed out of the car…they were wild at the auto shop, not listening and running around, then crying and whining when I made them sit down on the floor in front of me.  I needed to stop by to pick up my newborn cloth diapers that my friend had borrowed.  We got there…just in time to see that the fountains had been shut off for the next couple of hours!

I lose.

I should have given up long before because I had enough to do anyway at home.  Instead I got a long trip with little out of it, except two whiny, unhappy children and the newborn diapers (which I did need!).  And a lecture about spending too much on gas for unnecessary trips.  Oh well…it was an adventure.

So what’s left to do around here before baby comes?

  • Sort and put away the older kids’ old clothes
  • Wash and stuff the newborn diapers (I have to get more inserts or something)
  • Wash and put away newborn onesies and pants
  • Find a dresser/place to put away said newborn clothes
  • Set up the birthing pool (when it arrives; I finally ordered all my birthing supplies)
  • Buy the local ‘supplies,’ like labor snacks
  • Prepare and freeze my post-birth meal(s) (I plan on soup and salad for immediately after birth, and I have yet to put much away for the weeks following)
  • Keep up with the garden as long as possible
  • Sew another baby blanket
  • Sew post-birth gowns (I’ll post a tutorial here next week if anyone’s interested)
  • Finalize birth plan

Plus, you know, the daily dishes-laundry-children stuff.  I’m trying to get the kids out as much as I reasonably can right now, so that they get extra fun and attention…since who knows how that’ll go in the early weeks.  It’ll depend on how I’m feeling and who is around to help.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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