The Fascinating Timeline of Breast Changes During Pregnancy

I am continuously fascinated by pregnancy!

The changes in the body; the whole idea of growing a human; and the small (and not so small) changes that happen within the 40+ weeks of pregnancy.

There are a lot of articles that talk about the changes from week-to-week that go on with the growing baby — how big they are now and the milestone they hit with each week. We hear how our symptoms may come and go with each week and new things we’re to look forward to.

I came across a very interesting read by The Alpha Parent titled “Timeline of Breast Changes in Pregnancy.” The author breaks down all the changes that happen that we may not all notice or see, but so many of us experience — there are a lot more changes that happen to this part of our body then I realized and it’s so interesting!

Here are some fascinating changes your breasts go through during pregnancy, according to The Alpha Parent:

1. WEEKS 3-4

One of the first pregnancy symptoms, tender breasts, may start at this time. You may feel a tingling sensation along the sides of your breasts where the internal mammary artery runs. It is also common to feel tingling around the nipple and with temperature changes.

2. WEEKS 7-8

A growth in breast size may be the first noticeable sign of pregnancy. Caused by hormones, they encourage fat to be laid down and milk ducts to grow. Blood vessels may become visible and small bumps which look like little pimples around the nipples, called Montgomery’s tubercles, begin to appear.

3. WEEKS 14-16

Breasts may become fuller and heavier. Areola may become even more pigmented. Colostrum may be expressed in some women at this point.

4. WEEKS 22-26

A second period of breast growth may occur at this time. Probably a good idea to get fitted for a new bra.

5. WEEKS 27-32

Your breasts are now developed enough to be able to function as milk-producing glands, but the progesterone in your body will stop this from happening until after delivery. You might notice small amounts of creamy fluid come out from the Montgomery’s tubercles.


Your colostrum will turn from thick and yellow to pale and nearly colorless as it prepares for a newborn. If you’re getting impatient and want to try to stimulate contractions, try hand manipulation of your nipples, which causes your body to release the hormone oxytocin and could get things going.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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