The Fat Chick Gives The Skinny

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Well, hell.  I’m a little overwhelmed by the response here.  Wait.  You can’t be “a little” overwhelmed. You’re either overwhelmed or you’re not.

So I guess I’m just overwhelmed.  Because I put it out there, and now, what if I go ahead with an induction?  I feel like I’m letting down all these fantastic women, or something, when really, I know that’s not the case. Because you will still love me even if I decide to induce, right? RIGHT? Still, I feel like a whole bunch of you will be disappointed if I do choose to induce. Isn’t that weird? That I’m worried about what y’all think about whether I induce or not. When I step back and analyze the situation I get all “Well who cares, this is my birth and I’ll induce if I want to” but then I’m like, you big pansy-face. Just wait it out.

I will be honest. There is an induction scheduled for Wednesday the 23rd but I don’t HAVE to do it. It’s just scheduled to be scheduled, I guess. I am hoping like crazy that he comes before then. Doc said I’m dilated to a two and my cervix is 75% effaced so it isn’t like I’m just rolling up with an unwilling cervix or anything. We had the best delivery with Violet and she was induced so I don’t have real negative feelings about inductions other than I just really want him to come when he’s ready to come.

I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m getting ready to head out on as long a walk as these muscle-less legs will allow. And then I’m going to bounce on my yoga ball and watch House Hunters and bitch about all the stupid couples that are obsessed with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and wonder what America has come to when a laminate counter top is a damn dealbreaker. After that I am going to squeeze my big ass into some lingerie and see if I can’t talk Serge into harpooning this whale.

C’mon baby. I am the Moby Dick to your Ahab. Or I am Ahab and I want your Moby Dick.

Or something like that.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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