The Fertility App that Claims it Got 50,000 Women Pregnant

I’ve been in and out of fertility centers for two years. My period has always been regular. Like clockwork, in fact. I know the day it arrives each month, and could likely calculate when I’ll get it three years from now. I’ve become more and more keen about my cycle, thanks to the constant fertility monitoring and the regularity of my flow. I have been given no specific fertility diagnosis — not even after losing the twins at 17 weeks pregnant. My issue has been a lack of sperm, which is a pretty obvious issue when two women try to have a baby.

Since we decided last month to take a break from the hormones and injections, from the appointments and probing, and instead move on to a more natural “at home” method, I figured it might be a good idea to track my cycle. I bought an ovulation predictor kit, though it hasn’t told me anything I didn’t already know. And truth be told, I only decided to do this because trying to conceive brings with it this incessant desire to be actively doing something, to be working toward a goal.

Around the same time, I started looking into fertility apps. They’re supposed to be helpful. I totally like the idea of planning, of satisfying my Type-A personality. I heard about the Glow app and how great it was. I tried it. It miscalculated my period the very first day I used it, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to correct it. I’m not the most app-y person, but I know it definitely shouldn’t be this hard to get accurate info from it, especially when I’m the one giving the info.

So I pretty much gave up on fertility apps. After a week.

But now, I just came across a new article about Ovia Fertility app. And I might be tempted to try it. Apparently, its developers claim the app has been responsible for 50,000 pregnancies — in the past 18 months. When a women who wants to get pregnant so badly (ahem, me) hears a number like that, emotions start to get high.

50,000 pregnancies!! In the past year and a half!! I want in!

In reality, I have no idea if that’s a better or worse number than any other fertility app. Or fertility center.

But it sure does sound great.

The company claims its algorithm is behind the high number of success, and says that, in reality, they are conducting “the largest study on fertility and pregnancy that’s ever been done.” With over 300,000 users — more than any single fertility center or single study — they might just be right.

::Anyone out there have experience with Ovia? I’d love to hear how you love (or hate) it!::

Source: GigaOM
Photo: Ovuline

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