The Final Word in New Baby Checklists

Make a list. You’ll be so glad you did.

When I was ready to give birth for the first time three years ago, my sister sent me a checklist of what I needed to have before bringing home my new baby. As it turns out, getting and being prepared calmed me in the months leading up to the birth, not to mention how much it helped once the baby arrived.

Fortunately the second time around I’m able to cross off 90 percent of the list since I have most of what’s already on it, but it’s still worth taking a look to make sure I’m just as prepared now as I was then.

Here’s what’s on my new baby checklist. If you don’t already have a list, use this — it’s a good one!):

Changing table pad
Changing table pad covers (when they poop on one, it’s nice not to have to wait to do laundry for a backup)
Baskets for changing table (great to organize diapers, diaper cream, hand sanitizer)
Lamp (nice not to have to turn on the overhead light for overnight changes)
Valance for over a shade (helps block extra light, which might help your baby sleep longer)
Glider and ottoman
Telephone table (make sure it’s just a little bit lower than the height of the glider; great to have next to the chair for bottles, books, burp clothes, tissues, etc.)

Miscellaneous room accessories and equipment
Musical mobile for crib
Night light
Bouncy seat
Electronic swing
Mini bathtub
Glass canisters (3) (great for things like cotton balls, Q-tips, and other small miscellaneous baby items)
Baby monitor

Crib sheets (3)
Crib bumpers
Crib quilt (just for decoration, but it made me happy to hang it over the back of the glider)
Crib dust ruffle (if you’re a Martha Stewart-wannabe like me)
Spit up sheets (so you’re not changing the crib sheets constantly)
Miracle Blanket Swaddler (2) (trust me)
Bassinet sheets
Waterproof quilted mattress pad (2)

Note: All 100% cotton, light colors, and snaps (no buttons!)
Onesies, six months size
Summer weight sleeping bag with swaddler (don’t let your baby overheat!)
Receiving blankets (3)
Bath towels with hood (2)
Burp cloths/cloth diapers (12)
Washcloths (4)

Outing supplies
Car Seat
Baby Bjorn
Diaper Bag

Feeding supplies
Bottle warmer
Breast pads
Lanolin cream
Bottles (6)
Bottle cleaning accessories
Bottle sterilizer
Bottle drying rack
Breast pump parts
Breast Pump System Tubing
Nipple shields (just in case; better to have than not)
Breast milk storage container bags

Diaper Changing
Disposable diapers with hole for cord (newborn size, NOT size one) (6 dozen)
Baby wipes (unscented; just in case your little one has sensitive skin)
Portable package of baby wipes
Baby wipe warmer (many will say it’s unnecessary, which it may be, but if it were me, I’d rather a nice warm wipe than a shockingly cold one on my butt)
Baby wipe warmer replacement pillows
Diaper Pail
Diaper Pail refills

Personal care
Diaper rash cream
Aquaphor (big tub)
Baby soap
Baby shampoo
Thermometer (digital/rectal or ear; I prefer ear wouldn’t you?)
Nail file
Nasal aspirator
Baby Tylenol
Cotton balls
Alcohol swabs

snap shirts (10) three month size
Body suits (4) three month, (10) six month, (9) six-nine month, (5) nine-12 month
Drawstring sleepers (5)
Pajamas (2) three month size
Onesies (6) three month size (long sleeve spring weights)
Two-piece outfits (5)
Sweaters (2)
Sleeping bag (fleece)
Bibs (7)
Hats (4)

How does my list compare to yours? What’s missing here that’s essential? What’s unnecessary?

Image: Creative Commons

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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