The First Half of Pregnancy: A Photo Journey

Can you believe I thought I was showing back then?

It’s Friday, and who doesn’t love something a little more lighthearted going into the weekend?  With week 23 rapidly approaching, I thought it would be fun to take a look back through the first half of my pregnancy.

This being my first time, everything has been new and sometimes scary, but always exciting.  I love being able to look back and remember everything I was feeling in those early weeks of living on bagels on lemonade, back when I would stare at myself in the mirror for an hour every morning to determine whether or not I was finally showing.  (I wasn’t.)

Here is a look back at my first 22 weeks of pregnancy.  It’s amazing to see how much I’ve changed since the beginning, and I can only imagine the second half will bring a whole new set of changes…

  • Week 9 1 of 7
    Week 9
    Still feeling really sick and it definitely shows. I was pretty much surviving off of bagels and cream cheese.
  • Week 11 2 of 7
    Week 11
    The biggest change that week was my rapidly growing boobs! Still wasn't really showing much, but I was starting to feel different.
  • Week 14 3 of 7
    Week 14
    I remember writing that I thought I finally had a bump that week. Laughable now!
  • Week 16 4 of 7
    Week 16
    I think this was the first true sign of any stomach growth, 4 months into pregnancy. That was also the week I moved across the country!
  • Week 17 5 of 7
    Week 17
    Finally! A real stomach starting to show. Isn't it crazy that it takes so long to actually be legitimately showing?
  • Week 19 6 of 7
    Week 19
    By week 19 my nausea had subsided and I was finally eating again. I felt amazing!
  • Week 22 7 of 7
    Week 22
    And here I am now at week 22, with a definite baby bump and a new love for my curvy pregnant body.

For full recaps of each week, check out the links below:

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