The Hair Cut Quandary: Should You Cut Your Hair While Pregnant?

I’ve got a couple weeks left before this baby comes and I’ve been slowly crossing things off my To Do list. One of the biggies was going to get my hair cut, which I finally did this past weekend.

I am pretty low maintenance (read: LAZY) when it comes to self-grooming so I only get my hair cut about twice per year. It happens so rarely because a) it’s expensive and b) I’m often just pulling it up as a result of my SAHM lifestyle. So why bother going every 8 weeks when I’d rather spend that money on groceries and it’s going to end up in a pony tail anyway?

That said, I haven’t had a trim since December so it was time. As I was getting ready to head out for my bi-annual pilgrimage I noticed my husband hanging around looking nervous. He finally said, “Hey, I just want to remind you that when you were really pregnant the last time you went and got your hair cut really short and then you got home and cried because you said you looked like a ‘pin head’. Which you didn’t, but I just thought you might want to remember how upset you got…” I looked at him blankly. I have absolutely no memory of that happening but it sounds probable. Poor man. I had obviously traumatized him.

On my drive to the salon I considered what he said. Would getting my shoulder-length hair cut short in a cute summer ‘do make me cry? It’s true that longer hair is easier to pull up in a pony tail…and when you are hugely pregnant a short hair cut may make you look less balanced. But I suppose the bigger issue is that my hormones may disagree with whatever decision I make in the moment. Last time I clearly thought short hair was the way to go and then, whoosh, hormone swing and I was pissed about my decision.

And yet when my awesome hairdresser asked me what I wanted to do I said without hesitation, “Chop. It. Off.”

There were no tears this time and I have no regrets. (Results in above photo.) Maybe it was the 90 degree weather last weekend, but I was thrilled to lose all the hair. I felt 10 pounds lighter when I left the salon. Which is a LOT for a pregnant lady.

Did you have the urge to chop your hair off while pregnant?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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