The Initials Game

When we began thinking of names for our baby, we had no difficulty coming up with a first name for a boy. In fact, we’ve had it in mind for years. We knew it was right for us. When we told people, they didn’t love it and we didn’t care. As one of those absurdly sensitive people, not caring about what someone else thinks is a big sign to me.

Choosing a middle name has been a low key process for us as well. My husband doesn’t have any strong opinions on it, but I felt like since our first name is kind of out of the blue, that the middle name should have some meaning. It’s a common Jewish tradition to name your child after a deceased family member, which is how I came up with the middle name Edward. It was my grandpa’s middle name and as soon as I put it with our first name, I was in love.

And I later found out that it’s a family tradition to give the first boy in each generation the middle name of Edward, so it just feels even more right now.

But, the initials are…not great.

They don’t spell a bad word (a dear friend of mine had initials that spelled a profane word, she was pretty excited to get married and leave that all behind) but they spell a type of animal and I’m unsure of how I feel about that. I have told a few friends and family members the name and inevitably someone brings up the initials in the conversation. It’s clear I’m not the only one who is noticing them

I know realistically that most kids don’t use their initials for much in their day to day life, in fact, I cannot think of a single time my initials were ever discussed with anyone until we started discussing baby names. But I’m conflicted. I don’t want to give my child anything that would get him picked on or make him feel bad about himself, at least not this early in life. I mean, I fully plan on embarrassing him as often as possible, but his initials will stick with him forever.

Are initials important enough to warrant a name change if the words they spell are unoffensive or am I making mountains out of molehills here?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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