The Insider’s Guide to Baby Movement

Without a doubt, baby movement is the most fun part of pregnancy. Those little flutters and twitches are such a nice reminder of the little person-to-be you have growing inside you. And they can provide a sneak preview into your baby’s personality. My active-in-utero first baby is now an active-everywhere 4 year old! I have a feeling this baby is going to be just as active if the array – and quantity – of movements I’m feeling are any indication.

Just for fun, I’ve attempted to categorize and describe the different things I’ve been feeling from my baby. What does your baby’s movement feel like?

  • Flutters 1 of 10
    The first kind of movements you feel. Like having a tiny butterfly flitting about inside you! Tickly! Pleasant!
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  • Bumps 2 of 10
    Like having a ball rolling randomly around your uterus. Not exactly unpleasant but often startling.
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  • Rolls 3 of 10
    Sort of like the feeling of a burp bubble moving up you stomach, only in your uterus. The best word to describe the feeling is weird.
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  • Head- and Butt-Butts 4 of 10
    Head- and Butt-Butts
    These can be hard enough to make you think your kid is trying to ram its way out. Or maybe that you're actually carrying a mountain goat. Annoying.
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  • Snuggles 5 of 10
    I swear sometimes my baby just seems to be settling in a little more comfortably. It makes me excited to actually hold the baby in my arms and feel that again.
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  • Kung-Fu Chop 6 of 10
    Kung-Fu Chop
    This happens when you deliberately drink something really cold to provoke movement on purpose and the baby smacks you for effectively splashing cold water on their head. Or am I the only one who's done that?
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  • Punches and Kicks 7 of 10
    Punches and Kicks
    Just what they sound like. Usually aimed right at your bladder or colon. Distinctly uncomfortable but a good reminder to call your mom to apologize for doing that when you were a fetus and thank her for everything she ever did for you.
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  • Stretches 8 of 10
    When the baby seems to lengthen out for a second or two before curling back up again. Can feel like a Braxton-Hicks unless you put your hands on your belly and feel the baby shifting around from the outside. Unnervingly like that scene in Alien.
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  • Jigs 9 of 10
    This may only be my baby but I swear I feel entire Riverdance routines going on in there. Movement in all directions at the same time. Truly bizarre.
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  • What the…? 10 of 10
    What the...?
    There are times when I feel little scrabbly movements that are more reminiscent of Thing from the Addams Family than a small human. Honestly? It kind of freaks me out.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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