The Pregnancy Body: Attractive or No?

I usually feel pretty good about my pregnant about you?

This is definitely going to be a touchy subject, but one I think we need to talk about.

Some women, while pregnant, feel amazing — sexy, awesome, better than ever.  Other women, however, are turned off by their bodies, struggle with the “gaining weight/fat” image, and find pregnancy extremely unattractive.

And then there’s the men…

Like it or not, men have opinions on the pregnancy body too.  Some men think pregnancy is extremely sexy — they love the curves, the celebration of womanhood, knowing that a woman is carrying their child, and so on.  And other men think pregnant bodies are, well, unattractive — big, unwieldy, and with a big bump to “get in the way.”  Still other men approach pregnancy with caution: they don’t want to hurt woman or baby.

This is a really serious issue.  Marriages can be affected by different perceptions of the pregnant body.  If a woman doesn’t feel attractive, she may have a hard time being intimate with her husband.  If a man doesn’t feel attracted to his wife, he may have trouble wanting to be intimate, as well.  This is hardest if, for example, a man finds his wife’s body extremely attractive, but she’s struggling with her image — they don’t agree.

It’s okay to feel either — very attracted/attractive, or not so much.  Many women and men have a particular idea of what their partner should look like.  Not many men could gain 20 – 40 lbs. without their wives noticing…and perhaps feeling a little differently.

We’re strictly talking about a “physical attraction” standpoint here.  Obviously men and women still love each other.  And women shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies.  But the fact remains that physical attraction is one component of a relationship, and that some women do, unfortunately, feel ashamed.  (We’re told to always be thin, never gain weight — and some women really struggle with this when they’re pregnant and have to gain weight.)

The most important thing is to communicate your feelings.  Be honest about how you really feel, even if it’s not the “right” answer.  Understand that your husband or partner might need to share his feelings, too — and he has a right to them.  Together, you can talk things through and, if necessary, find other ways to stay connected during pregnancy (this is not a bad suggestion during morning sickness, when intimacy may be difficult for other reasons).

Apparently some men find the pregnant body sexy — check out these 10 reasons why.

How do you feel?  Is the pregnancy body attractive or not?  Why?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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