The Pregnancy Bucket List

37 weeks 5 daysIt’s time for me to start crossing things off my pregnancy bucket list!

I realize that ‘bucket list’ may not be the best term to use when talking about pregnancy, given it is associated with death. To be very clear, I’m not planning on kicking the bucket at the end of this pregnancy…but sometime very soon this pregnancy will be done, over, gone! And all you seasoned moms out there know that my current lifestyle will be dead the moment this new little baby is born. My older kids, ages 5 and 3, are potty trained and capable of going several hours without eating. It is liberating to go to the playground with just my wallet, keys, and phone, easy peasy.

But when this new little one comes there will be endless diapers and feedings. To leave the house I’ll need a stocked diaper bag and a bucket car seat. My breasts will be tender and leaking when I least expect it. I will likely have dried spit up on my shoulder 65% of the time and dried yellow poop on my lap 95% of the time. All of this is fine and normal. It’s part of having a newborn. And I’m so looking forward to meeting this little baby and covering his belly in kisses. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to miss how ‘easy’ my mothering lifestyle is right now.

That’s how I ended up at the beach this weekend. I know the kids and I are going to have a very relaxed summer (read: lots of movies on the couch while mom naps with the baby). But for me, summer just isn’t summer unless I get to dip my toes in the ocean at least once. And let me tell those of you who don’t know: breastfeeding a newborn on the beach? Sandy and uncomfortable. Changing a runny poop diaper on the beach? Sandy and uncomfortable. Trying to keep the baby properly shaded when you can’t use sunblock yet and there is no shade for 3 square miles? Almost impossible.

So on Sunday when we all rolled out of bed at 7am I declared it a Beach Day. It’s almost two hours away and I don’t own a maternity bathing suit but that was not going to stop me. I needed to cross this off my Pregnancy Bucket List before this baby comes out.

My husband snapped the above photo and look how happy I am at 37 weeks, 5 days! Sorry you missed the beach, little baby. We’ll try it next summer when you can kick your own toes in the ocean and Mama can properly slather you in sunblock.

What was on your pregnancy bucket list?

Photo credit: Claire Goss

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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